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Jarryd Hayne: Prosecutors push for former NRL star to be jailed early for rape – WhatsNew2Day


New pressure to imprison Jarryd Hayne IMMEDIATELY after ex-footy star was granted bail to help his family in the weeks before he is convicted of rape

  • Jury found Jarryd Hayne guilty of rape last week
  • Prosecutors are asking a higher court to incarcerate him

Prosecutors have launched a new bid to send former footy star and now-convicted rapist Jarryd Hayne to jail ahead of his sentencing.

Hayne, 35, was granted bail after a NSW District Court jury found him guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in 2018. It was his third lawsuit.

Judge Graham Turnbull SC allowed Hayne to remain free on bail to help his family put their affairs in order before his fate is sealed on May 8.

The 35-year-old walked out of the Downing Center in Sydney last week holding the hand of his wife Amellia Bonnici while being escorted by seven sheriffs.

However, it can now be revealed that the Director of Public Prosecutions has asked a higher court to reverse the ruling and put him behind bars.

Hayne will appear in court again on Friday to challenge the application.

The NSW High Court confirmed on Wednesday that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has submitted a new application to detain Hayne.

The court’s initial application was opposed by Hayne’s lawyer Margaret Cunneen SC, who told the court that Hayne was ‘too high-profile’ to be sent to prison amid heavy media scrutiny.

Judge Turnbull agreed with the defense, saying that “who he is and what surrounds him” has made him “particularly vulnerable in the circumstances.”

“It’s something that is an exceptional case and has created an exceptional circumstance,” he said.

“I am of the opinion that they are sufficient to warrant a rejection of the detention request.”

The court heard that he had received hundreds of threats in the days since the conviction.

“Should lock him up with some guys and teach him what it’s like to ignore your permission,” one threat read.

“You’re the lowest of the low, you don’t deserve any sympathy,” said another.

Another read, “Big bubba is waiting.”

Judge Turnbull said there was evidence that Hayne had been “maligned” in the public arena, as he expected the star to be taken into custody at a later date.

He told the court there was “no doubt” Hayne would go to jail if convicted next month.

Ms Cunneen told the court she opposed the application, saying the young family endured large amounts of ‘vitriol’ following the verdict.

She argued that Hayne should not be taken into custody because he is too high profile.

“This is an exceptional case, there wouldn’t be such a huge press contingent in the courtroom if there wasn’t something exceptional about this case, but that has increased the relentless media pressure on this very young family,” she said. Cunneen said.

“The fact (is) that this family can’t even walk out of their homes without the pressure of the press.”

The court heard that Hayne had previously been targeted while in custody, meaning he should be protected, with the decision to release him on bail based on the circumstances he would now face, rather than what would await him if convicted.

Ms Cunneen said Hayne is ‘much more susceptible’ to attacks while in custody because the ‘intensity of publicity’ is greater than ever.

“The visceral response is totally out of proportion to the relative severity of the circumstances in this case,” she said.

“Mr. Hayne is being treated like the most evil and serious sex offender the world has ever seen.”

Hayne will appear before the Supreme Court on Friday.

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