Jana Kramer reflects on trauma, abusive relationships: ‘I betrayed myself’

Jana Kramer talks about trauma and abusive relationships. (Photo: Getty Images)

Jana Kramer gets candid about her feelings of self-worth while speaking her truth about abusive relationships and negative self-talk.

“The voices in my head…I have been mentally abused physically and emotionally in previous relationships. I allowed certain behaviors to continue because I really believed the negative voices in my head being spoken to me,” Kramer wrote alongside a photo of her with a sign that reads, “I’m broken and I’m not enough.”

The 37-year-old actress and singer has spoken publicly about her struggles during her divorce from former NFL player Mike Caussin, sharing in numerous social media posts about how she is working to get ahead with the two children she shares. with her ex. On Monday, she shared more reasons why the journey was so arduous, as she opened up about the toll that past abuse has taken on her.

“All words, and abuse matched, I am not enough. And I’m not worthy of love,” she continued. “For years I’ve repeated patterns, falling into the trap of believing those voices, hurting myself and hurting others because of my desire to be chosen, to be enough. And I’ve fallen for the same abuse in a relationship because it’s what I thought I deserved.”

Kramer further spoke about her trauma in an episode of her podcast Whining down with Jana Kramer with guest Mel Robbins where Kramer spoke about the impact it had on her relationship with Caussin. She even admitted that she stayed in the relationship longer than she thinks she should have.

“If I’m being really honest, I’ve always known he would cheat. I just never wanted to believe that. But when I saw the repeating patterns… now I know what I know then, I knew. There was that bit me who knew,” she said of Caussin’s infidelity, of which she has spoken publicly before. “I’ve always picked the abuser. So something happened when we first started dating that I don’t think I’ll ever share. And at that point I was like, it was that sign that I should leave this alone. . ..That was when I betrayed myself because I didn’t want to see his reaction or know what his reaction would be, so I let it happen for the rest of our marriage.”

Yahoo Life was unable to reach Caussin for comment.

Kramer and Caussin cited “inappropriate marital behavior, irreconcilable differences and adultery” in the April 2021 divorce filing, which was finalized in July. However, the two had talked about Caussin’s cheating long before and said he was seeking treatment for sex addiction. When it came to the couple’s divorce, Kramer shared: Additional“It was bad enough that I didn’t have a choice.”

While Kramer had made no allegations of abuse against Caussin, revealed a history of abuse with her first husband Michael Gambino while she was a contestant on Dancing with the stars. With her latest Instagram post and podcast, Kramer made it clear that she is committed to processing the trauma.

“I haven’t listened to my gut for so many years in my life and that has just been the greatest betrayal. Obviously I went through some childhood trauma pieces and early relationships with my therapist like EMDR​​ and it’s been really good,” she said. on her podcast. “Finding that dignity that I’m okay, I don’t need confirmation from a man, that I’m okay on my own — all those things have been a real blessing that came out of the divorce. And I’m still working on it.” , I still have moments of doubting myself and the voices and all that stuff.”

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