Jamie Murray slams the French Open chefs for cutting prize money and putting players in a ‘restroom’ hotel


British tennis star Jamie Murray has condemned French Open chefs for having a ‘we don’t give off ***’ mentality ‘after the prize money was cut – before declaring the official £ 143 a night hotel, he stays in a’ absolute toilet ‘

  • Jamie Murray has launched an X-rated rant on the organizers of the French Open
  • The British tennis star is furious about the decision to double the prize money
  • Total prize money has been reduced by more than 10 percent this year thanks to Covid
  • Murray, 35, also insisted that the official doubles hotel in Paris was ‘toilet’

Jamie Murray has launched a broadside at the French Open, accusing the organizers of having a ‘we don’t give f *** mentality’.

Britain’s best-known doubles specialist also described the official Paris hotel as an ‘absolute toilet’ and criticized the cut in prize money for his pressured colleagues in the two-person code.

Now that the Covid crisis is underway and only a relatively small audience is allowed at Roland Garros for the next fourteen days, the clay court Grand Slam has had to tighten its belt again this year.

An enraged Jamie Murray has landed on the organizers of the French Open in an X-rated rant on Twitter about their decision to drop the double prize pool

The total prize pool has been reduced by 10.53% to £ 30 million, although the losers from the early singles have kept their prizes at the same level. First round departures still bring home £ 51,000 each.

The doubles discounts were tougher, with pairs hitting the opening threshold of the men’s and women’s doubles getting only £ 5,000 each.

This has confused Murray’s older brother, who was also referring to the fact that the tournament has changed the date for both last editions, the latter signifying it is entering turf season.

On top of shifting their event dates twice as they see fit, the FFT continues their ‘we don’t give a **** mentality by cutting the double prize fund by 23%,’ said Murray. “Thank you for actively supporting all players during the tour.”

The older Murray brother plays at Roland Garros with double partner Bruno Soares (right)

The older Murray brother plays at Roland Garros with double partner Bruno Soares (right)

The British tennis star, 35, also hit the Novotel in Paris (pictured), the official accommodation for lower ranked and doubles players

The British tennis star, 35, also hit the Novotel in Paris (pictured), the official accommodation for lower ranked and doubles players

He then commented on the official accommodation for lower and doubles, the four-star Novotel at the Eiffel Tower, which costs £ 143 per night.

‘Ps, your official doubles hotel is definitely toilet. PPs Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring one team member to support us during the event. ‘

The comments from Murray, a respected locker room member and part-time tournament organizer himself with his Battle of the Brits events, are likely to be shared by others.

They also likely reflect the cabin fever feeling in some of the player cohort as they live under disabilities. There is currently a 7pm curfew in Paris, although players are allowed to leave the tournament and hotel bubble to walk or run for an hour each day, provided they do not visit shops or restaurants.

Despite the UK being more advanced on vaccinations and opening up, the rules are likely to get even tougher when they head to these shores for the grassy events.

The qualifying event takes place this week, with the main tournament on Sunday. The French Tennis Federation did not immediately respond for comment.

And Jamie is not the only guest at the Novotel Paris Center Tour Eiffel hotel …

Jamie Murray described the hotel as ‘absolute toilet’ and although it has a 4-star rating, the Novotel at the Eiffel Tower has received mixed reviews on TripAdvisor, with an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.

A person who recently stayed at the hotel gave it a one-star review, writing: ‘It smelled musty, cleaners always try to cover it up by spraying perfume. The dirtiest carpet and the smellyest of all Novotels. ‘

Other people who gave it a ‘terrible’ rating complained that the rooms were too hot and overpriced.

Another traveler wrote on the review site: ‘Read reviews about rooms that are warm at night and they were correct. Worst two nights in a hotel and I travel a lot for business. ‘

Another said it was ‘extremely disappointing for a four-star hotel’.

However, others enjoyed their stay at the hotel. One reviewer said they would ‘definitely recommend it’ saying, ‘The facilities were excellent and the hotel was close to the city center which was great.’

Another reviewer said: ‘We stayed for three nights and loved the hotel. The staff were super friendly and the hotel is just a 10 minute walk from the Eiffel Tower. ‘

In total, the hotel has 1,252 five-star reviews (excellent), 2,227 four-star reviews (very good), 1,345 three-star reviews (average), 577 two-star reviews (bad), and 350 one-star reviews (terrible). ) on TripAdvisor.