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Jamie Lee Curtis Praises Karol G After Singer Claims Magazine Cover Was Photoshopped: “We Are Not AI”


Jamie Lee Curtis comes to Karol G’s side after the singer claimed her magazine cover was photoshopped.

The award-winning Colombian artist took to Instagram on Thursday and said her photo on a recent one GK magazine cover went through retouches which she disagreed with. Karol G went on to praise her natural beauty, saying that she feels her face and body are nothing like the picture on the cover.

After adding that she was initially excited about the opportunity, the singer said she ended up feeling disrespected because the photo didn’t accurately portray her.

A few days after her post, the Everything Everywhere Everything at once star – who has been outspoken in Hollywood for years about the importance of embracing your body – praised Karol G for taking the issue public as a member of a younger generation of Hollywood talent.

“I’m so glad @karolg is drawing attention to an issue I’ve been concerned about for a long time,” Curtis wrote on Saturday. “We are people. We are not AI and this genocide against what is naturally beautiful is alarming and needs to be spoken about.”

Her message continued, “There are some people who are very vocal [Justine Bateman] And [Andie MacDowell] and myself and I are much encouraged that a younger person is joining the chorus of disapproval. The cosmeceutical industrial complex wants you to look in the mirror and hate yourself and then buy their crap.”

The Hollywood Reporter has achieved GK And GK Mexico for comment.

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