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Jamie Foxx spotted on a yacht after a medical complication in April


Jamie Foxx made an appearance on a yacht over the weekend after staying out of the public eye for months following a hospitalization for a “medical complication”.

The video showing the actor on a yacht waving to passers-by was posted by tmz on Sunday, with a source close to the actor confirming to the hollywood reporter it was, in fact, Foxx in the video and that video is from Sunday. It is one of the first known appearances of him in public since April.

Foxx has largely been out of the public spotlight since his daughter Corinne shared the news that the They cloned Tyrone the star was hospitalized but “already on the road to recovery” in the midst of filming the Netflix movie back in action in atlanta “We know how loved he is and we appreciate your prayers,” Corinne said in April.

Corinne provided an update on her recovery status in May, in response to media reports suggesting her family was preparing for the worst. “My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recovering. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday! Thank you for everyone’s prayers and support!” she wrote on Instagram.

But Foxx hasn’t been seen at public events, with only minor updates from his co-stars and friends indicating he’s doing well. In it They cloned Tyrone premiere, said Foxx co-star John Boyega THR that he was doing well. “I spoke to him recently and he wished me the best of luck with the press tour, and he assured me that he is fine,” Boyega said. “It’s all love.”

Since his medical complication, Fox announced that Nick Cannon is expected to guest host the sixth season of the Foxx game show. Beat Shazam. Kelly Osbourne will also fill in for Corinne, who serves as the show’s DJ.

That same day, Foxx took to his Instagram with a short message. “I appreciate all the love!!! I feel blessed,” he wrote. “I appreciate you my boy @nickcannon. See you soon.”

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