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James Gunn says JJ Abrams’ Superman movie still has potential even with Superman: Legacy


DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn said that a Superman movie project from JJ Abrams and Taneshi Coates, which will reportedly feature a black Superman, is still possible despite Superman: Legacy.

In speaking to io9Gunn explained that the existence of a Superman: Legacy movie doesn’t necessarily mean that other Superman stories are out of the question, especially with the formation of the Elseworlds universe allowing the DCU universe featuring Batman: The Brave and the Bold to live alongside Matt’s The Batman II universe. Reeves, which will live off the main connected story.

In this context, Gun said, “These two things are not related at all. This is a thriller. I know Chantal Nong, the executive director on this project, is very excited about it. So if he comes to me and it’s great, which I haven’t read the script for yet, and if the timing is right It could definitely happen. This is a totally unrelated movie. It would be a tale in the Elseworlds universe like Joker.

So this is not confirmation that it happened, but confirmation that it was not canceled just because another Superman project happened.

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