James Anderson: ‘One of the best wins I’ve been involved in, if not the best’

Anderson has won 79 Test matches, the most of any England player, but said this victory – with minutes to spare on the fifth night – was one of the best due to the quiet nature of the pitch, which required bowlers on both sides to “deep”. to dig”.

“It’s probably one of the best wins I’ve been involved in, if not the best,” said Anderson Sky Sports. “On a pitch like that, to play the way we did, to score the points at the pace we did, we gave ourselves a chance for a result and I think we deserved to put ourselves in that position at the end of match..

“Today it was an incredible effort from everyone. We tried so hard to get the ball back and do something, go off the straight, and we created enough chances to get the win. It was difficult but we knew it would be difficult.

“With Ben [Stokes] and Breda [McCullum], their mantra is that we should take wickets and try to take wickets all the time. Even though they are [Pakistan] got 500-plus in the first innings, we still felt with that lead we had, the way we scored, we could set ourselves something to defend.

“When we started today we knew it was going to be tough because it’s still a good wicket but we managed to turn the ball around which was absolutely huge. Getting the ball moving through the air makes a huge difference , and we executed our skills brilliantly.” .”

Anderson returned figures of 4 in the second inning for 36 in 24 overs, including key wickets from Imam-ul-Haq and Mohammad Rizwan, but praised Stokes and Ollie Robinson for their burst with the new ball on the fourth night.

“The one thing I noticed was the way Ollie and Ben bowled the new ball after not having much rest,” he said. “They came up with that short-ball theory and it got us a few wickets early.

“That got things going and gave us a lot of confidence today. We knew it was going to be a big push and we dug deep today; we had to dig deep to try and get something out of that wicket.”

Anderson described Stokes, the eighth captain he has played under, as an “incredible” leader. “He’s someone you want to play for,” he said. “He gives you so much confidence that you go out and the way he just knows what he wants to do.

“He thinks about it a lot: the fields he sets up and the way he just tells you what to do is actually great for us. It’s exciting, also trying different things: exciting fields, different fields, outside the box that you have to do on fields like this.”

There are only three days between the first and second tests of the series – the second start Friday at Multan – and Anderson admitted with a smile that he would feel pain on Tuesday after enduring 46 overs in the match at the age of 40.

“It’s nice to win, but I don’t think tomorrow will feel good for me,” he said. “It was five long days. Quick turnaround, but that’s the nature of Test cricket. You know when you get into a series you have back-to-back games and have to recover well and then come back in three days time and do it all over again.”

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