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Jabra rolls out multipoint Bluetooth support for Elite 7 Pro and Active earbuds

I’ve written many times that multipoint support has been a hallmark of Jabra earbuds for a long time. So it was a little disappointing when the company’s Elite 7 Pro and Elite 7 Active buttons were released last year without the ability to connect two audio sources at the same time. Jabra had promised all along that it would eventually enable multipoint through a firmware update, and today is the day that new software makes its way to customers.

If you own a set of Jabra’s 2021 premium earbuds, you can now head over to the Sound Plus app for android or iOS and update the earbuds to get multipoint support and a few other new features. early indications are that multipoint works as expected.

Jabra says the latest firmware also brings Google Assistant certification to the Elite 7 Pro and Active, so you can choose Assistant as your favorite voice assistant on Android. The MyFit feature has been updated and the new firmware also includes the standard connectivity improvements and bug fixes.

The Elite 7 Pro and Active cost $199.99 and $179.99 respectively. They share similar sound quality and noise cancellation, but the 7 Pro has a superior voice microphone system and the Active model has a special coating to keep them in the ears during strenuous exercise. They were recently added to Jabra’s lineup by the cheaper $119.99 Elite 4 Active earbuds.

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