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Ja Morant is doing ‘good,’ Grizzlies Jaren Jackson Jr. reveals – as Memphis star awaits punishment


Ja Morant is “fine”, reveals Grizzlies Jaren Jackson Jr.

  • With possible league suspension looming, Jackson says Morant is ‘great’
  • Jackson thinks Morant will ‘get back to leading the league’
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Memphis Grizzlies star Jaren Jackson Jr. has given insight into the state of mind of his currently suspended teammate Ja Morant.

Morant has been suspended by the Grizzlies since mid-May after he was seen waving a gun on an IG Live video.

There have been hints suggesting he will face more penalties, but the exact suspension has yet to be announced.

Appearing on an episode of Clippers star Paul George’s podcast “Podcast P,” Jackson revealed that Morant may have been under pressure to be a star athlete.

‘It is good. I think growing up with so much attention on you, especially if you’re so young, I mean, it’s a lot to deal with,’ Jackson told George.

Jaren Jackson Jr. says Grizzlies teammate Ja Morant is doing well despite his suspension

Morant was suspended from all team activities after waving a gun in mid-May

Morant was suspended from all team activities after waving a gun in mid-May

Jackson thinks Morant

Jackson thinks Morant will ‘immediately return to running the league the way he does’

“I think you’re always going to make mistakes growing up, and people have to understand, like you’re growing up and you’re the most popular player at that age, probably ever.”

“And in a lot of things back then that you could get away with, you can’t. You have to be a certain way. But I mean man is great.

‘People always have to understand everyone human, right? He’s my brother though. No matter what. I am with my brother.

“He will go back to running the league the way he does. You don’t start jumping on everyone again. He should have been MVP the other year. So, I mean, the guy is top notch.

League commissioner Adam Silver said any additional discipline imposed on Morant would not be revealed until after the NBA Finals.

The league suspended Morant for eight games earlier this season — after a similar incident occurred at a Denver-area nightclub.

Jackson was selected fourth overall in the 2018 NBA draft, a season ahead of Morant.

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