Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher’s $19m Surfside rental for sale as couple prepare to move into mansion

The luxury condo in Florida that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have been renting since leaving DC will be on the market for $19million.

The waterfront condo, located just north of Miami Beach in Surfside, is expected to be listed next year for $18.8 million.

Trump and Kushner are leaving the condo behind to finally move into a sprawling mansion in the nearby Indian Creek community – which has been called the ‘billionaire bunker’ – that they picked up last year for $24million and have been extensively renovating ever since.

The condo measures 7,000 square feet and is spread over three floors. It also has wrap-around terraces and a private pool.

The condo is located at the Arte, which is a luxury building and one of the most exclusive in the ritzy district. Only 16 units are available in the building, each with private elevator access. There is also a tennis court on top. Security, concierge services and a gym are also provided.

The Arte’s penthouse was sold for $33million in 2020.

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump’s rental condo in Arte (above), is expected to be on the market in 2023 for $18.8million

Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Take A Stroll Down The Street. The Couple Will Soon Be Moving To Their New House

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and their stroll down the street. The couple will soon move into their new home.

Jared And Ivanka Will Likely Be Shortly Moving Into Their Indian Creek Mansion Which They Bough In 2021 And Have Been Renovating Ever Since

Jared and Ivanka are likely to move into their Indian Creek home, which they bought in 2021 and have been renovating since then.

Ivanka’s death was weeks ago. Announced that she was done politics and will be focusing on her private life, rather than joining her father’s presidential campaign. 

‘I love my dad very much. She said that this time, she chose to prioritize her young children and the private family life we are creating. ‘While I will always support and love my father, I will do it outside the political arena.  

Jared Kushner, 41 and Ivanka, were both advisors to Donald Trump during his presidency. They moved to Florida in early 2021 after they had left their White House posts. They quickly established new roots.

It is unclear exactly when the family will move into their new Indian Creek home – a spatial 8,500-square-foot abode – but news of the condo sale suggests it might be soon.

A View From The Porch Of A Condo At The Arte Tower, Similar To The One Jared And Ivanka Have Been Renting

A view from the balcony of a condo at Arte tower, similar in style to the one Jared & Ivanka rented

A View Inside A Condo At The Arte, The Luxury Building Jared And Ivanka Have Been Renting Since Leaving Washington Dc

A view inside the Arte Condo, which Jared & Ivanka have rented since leaving Washington DC.

Space Inside The Arte, Which Is One Of The Most Expensive Residences In Surfside, Florida

The Arte is one of the most costly residences in Surfside, Florida.

The Arte Sports A Private-Access Tennis Court, Among Its Many Luxury Amenities

The Arte has a private tennis court with access at the Arte, which is just one of many luxurious amenities offered by the Arte.

A Patio In An Arte Unit. Jared And Ivanka'S Condo Had Its Own Private Lawn Space And Pool

A patio in an Arte unit. Jared & Ivanka’s condo featured its own private yard space and a pool.

Jared and Ivanka bought the property in April 2021, just over a decade after they spent $31.8 million to purchase a two-acre piece of land in the village.

Indian Creek is home to approximately 40 lots and 30 homes. All of these were built around the island’s perimeter for waterfront views.

Indian Creek Country Club can also be found in the high-security community. Jared and Ivanka enjoy golf. However, joining the club might be considered an insult to Jared’s father, who has more than a dozen courses to his credit.

The couple started putting down roots on Indian Creek around the same time Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen dropped $17 million on a plot of land in the village — followed by another $10.12 million in construction costs to build what was supposed to be their forever home.

Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Walk With Their Kids To View Their New Home In Indian Creek

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and their children walk to see their new Indian Creek home.

The Couple Will Be Moving Into This Sprawling 8,500-Square-Foot Mansion In The Nearby Indian Creek Village They Picked Up Last Year For $24Million

The couple will move into the sprawling 8,500-square foot mansion in Indian Creek village, which they bought last year for $24million.

According to reports, the ex-White House power couple have been comparing themselves with Stark when asked about their plans to return into politics if Mr. Trump is re-elected president in 2024.

Legendary Ned Stark, a fictional character, was decapitated after being lured into Westeros’ capital by King Robert Baratheon. 

Jared and Ivanka have decided that they enjoy their ‘gilded lives’ in Miami far too much to be able to join Trump on his campaign trail. Vanity Fair.

This report comes just two days following Trump’s announcement of his plans to run for president in 2024. Ivanka quickly followed this up with a statement announcing that she would not be participating in the campaign.

Thursday was Ivanka’s first public appearance since her father’s announcement. She was wearing a pair white slacks, a black shirt, and was seen walking down a sandy Florida path.

Ivanka Trump Walks Back From The Gym

Ivanka Trump Walks Down A Path

Ivanka has made Florida her home. Above, you can see Ivanka on her usual strolls through the neighborhood.

Earlier today news hit the web that The Trump Organization has been found guilty of tax fraud at a criminal trial in Manhattan.

The company of the former President was accused of a 15-year-old criminal scheme to defraud tax authorities.

Prosecutors stated that the scheme covered personal expenses such as free rent and car leasing for top executives, including Allen Weisselberg (ex-CFO), without reporting income and paid them bonuses as independent contractors. 

Trump was furious at the prosecution and called it another part in a wide-ranging witch hunt against his character. He also claimed that he was being charged with ‘fringe benefit’.

He does not face criminal liability in the matter – although, he faces a separate civil suit by New York AG Letitia James, who is suing the company and family members for $250 million.

He Recent weeks have seen a variety of legal challenges. A new special counsel at Justice Department oversees both the January 6 election reverse effort and the matter regarding government documents that Trump took to Mar-a-Lago following his departure. 

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