It’s Your Life—Let Your Radiance Shine


Feel the Glow

I don’t like my laugh lines. I love them. And I’ve earned every single one.

Each line etched in my face tells a story of the highs and lows of an incredible life. I’ve got scars from playing football and roughhousing with my two older brothers. Long hours in the library paid off with a degree, but my brow still wears the turmoil of finishing top in my class. Raising two kids—and a rough divorce—painted more lines than I care to count.

Life has been an amazing rollercoaster, and I’ve enjoyed every minute. For every climb, there’s been a terrifying descent. I can’t wait to see what challenge comes next. And while I love every facial nook and cranny, smoothing out a couple of lines as I ascend my next peak in life could be a fun adventure in itself.

Love Your Skin, Love the Process

Wrinkles are a natural part of ageing. They’re proof of a well-lived life. As you get older, your skin becomes less elastic and more fragile. Natural oil production decreases, which dries your skin and accentuates wrinkles. 

You’re most likely to notice wrinkles on sun-exposed skin like your face, neck, hands, and forearms. I learned early and often to wear my sunscreen, but I’ve had my fair share of tan lines from basking in the sun. Plus, I’m guilty of wearing sundresses anytime the temperature gets above 23 degrees. So, naturally, I have wrinkles on the neck, too. Ultraviolent radiation from the sun breaks down your skin’s connective tissue. This tissue—made of collagen and elastin fibres—supports your skin. As it weakens, you get premature sagging and wrinkles.

And there’s a reason why they’re called laugh lines. Repeated facial expressions, like smiling :-), create grooves beneath your skin’s surface. My face proudly boasts the mom-effect from constantly worrying about what the heck my kids are up to now.

Thank goodness I never smoked—it wreaks havoc on your skin. My Uncle Leo was a lifelong smoker, and he looked like a fermented potato. If you need one more reason to quit smoking, think how much better you’ll look without the wear and tear of tobacco wrinkling your face and yellowing your teeth.

So, What’s Your Routine?

Like most 50-somethings, I’ve been stuck in the same routine for longer than I choose to admit. But as a newly single foxy lady, my daughter thinks I should shake things up. I’m definitely not ready to tackle the whole dating app thing, but her facial oil, that’s another story. It all started when I noticed how great her skin looked on our last girl’s night out. Her face was gorgeous—more than usual! #ProudMama

I now have my own beautiful glass bottle of facial oil. It feels so silky on my skin—and smells amazing! As it should, with its blend of fifteen unique botanical oils, including:  

  • Jojoba Oil—Refines, hydrates, and rejuvenates my skin for an instantly luminous look.
  • Argan Oil—Special oil brimming with fatty acid to soothe my skin.
  • Rosehip Oil: A super trendy skincare ingredient that helps keep my youthful complexion by visibly smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Sunflower Oil: Totally “unsaponifiable!” I had to look up this word, but it means the sunflower oil absorbs quickly into my skin to hydrate and moisturise.

Plus, it has coconut oil, alfalfa extract, and squalene. If you haven’t heard about squalene before, it’s about to become your new best friend. Your skin naturally produces this oil, but about the ripe old age of 30, production starts to decline. A small drop of facial oil helps replenish this depleted oil so your skin feels soft and looks youthfully radiant.

Together, these amazing oils treat my skin to much-needed antioxidants and hydration. After only a few drops, I instantly feel the difference. I’m completely oil obsessed!

Elevating My Glow

As a mom, I am usually the last person I think to take care of. I’m either too busy, or don’t think I’m worth it and it’s a waste of time. That’s rubbish! Confidence comes from within, and feeling strong, composed, and beautiful is an expression of our inner selves. I’ve come to enjoy taking some “me” time. While I still welcome any challenge, a bit of self-care makes life feel a little less demanding.

My new nighttime routine now has me applying my facial oil before bed. I’ve literally dreamed away some of my fine lines, and all those life lines (okay, wrinkles) have smoothed out just enough to catch a glimpse or two of who I was years ago. And frankly, I’m liking what I see. 

I’ve earned my laugh lines. Now, it’s time to make some more!

Esther Raskin is a native Utahan who loves her kids, eating dessert first, and anything antique. When not writing, you’ll find her soaking in her jacuzzi, building charcutier boards, and furiously working on her smile lines