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It’s Time to Switch to a Privacy Browser

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Brave browser

The browser is part of a larger project to keep Internet browsing anonymous: Use Tor and you use the Tor Project network, a complex, encrypted relay system run by the Tor community, making it much harder for anyone else to track your activities online.

In addition to this extra layer of anonymity, Tor Browser is super strict on the background scripts and tracking technology that sites can run. It also blocks fingerprinting, a method in which advertisers try to recognize the unique features of your device.

At the end of each browsing session, everything is cleared, including cookies left by sites and the browsing history in the Tor Browser app itself. In other words, private browsing that leaves no trace is the default and even the only option.

Brave gives you a clean, fast browsing experience.

Brave via David Nield

Brave comes with all the tracking protection features you’d expect: ads are completely blocked, there are strict limits on the data sites can collect through cookies and tracking scripts, and you’re always kept informed of what’s happening.

The browser comes with an optional built-in VPN, although this costs extra ($10 per month). You can also, if you want, use Brave to access the Tor network we mentioned with the Tor browser and take advantage of the anonymizing relay service that hides your location and browsing data.

There’s no doubting the effectiveness of Brave’s tracker blocking technologies, and exploring the web in Brave is quick and smooth. It’s a comprehensive package that strikes a thoughtful balance between simplicity and power for the majority of users.

Brave has regularly pioneered features related to innovative web technologies, including cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and (most recently) artificial intelligence; there’s actually a new AI assistant built in. In other words, it is not solely focused on security and privacy.

Firefox browser

Firefox is part of a family of privacy products from Mozilla.

Firefox via David Nield

Firefox has long been at the forefront of online privacy (for example, blocking tracking cookies by default across sites) and it remains one of the best options for ensuring you give away as little data as possible along the way. all over the internet.

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