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It’s critical we stop China’s ‘dystopian’ use of AI technology ‘for evil’ Gallagher says


Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Communist Party of China Mike Gallagher is adamant that the United States must step up its race for artificial intelligence (AI) against China or else the communist country will use the technology emerging for “dystopian” and perverse ends. – including genocide.

Gallagher, R-Wis., told DailyMail.com that there is an “AI race” with China and that his committee is poised to play a leading role in securing state dominance. -United.

The overarching goal is to assure the American people that “this technology will not be used for evil” and that the US government will maintain control, while staying one step ahead of the Chinese.

We need a ‘unified framework on AI guardrails and ethics,’ Gallagher told DailyMail.com during an appeal before his hearing panel on China’s economic aggression Wednesday evening.

Rep. Gallagher, R-Wis., told DailyMail.com there’s an “AI race” with China

Chinese President Xi Jinping bolsters the country's AI capabilities

Chinese President Xi Jinping bolsters the country’s AI capabilities

I think it is absolutely essential that we do not allow [China] to win this race because they would use it for techno-totalitarian and dystopian purposes and the free world must master the rules of AI in the future.

The president said it was important for the United States to “get on the same page” with its allies in the Indo-Pacific, particularly the Japanese and South Koreans. He also said this also extended to non-formal allies such as Taiwan.

Showing a unified front on AI “will make us stronger,” he continued, and also “more likely that China won’t dominate this technology.”

He fears that China will use other technologies and “couple them with AI to perpetrate genocide” against millions of Uyghur Muslims, while deploying them to control every aspect of their citizens’ lives.

Another key provision Congress will consider is ensuring that US investors, such as Sequoia, cannot subsidize Chinese AI champions, including Baidu.

Gallagher said speaking with experts such as Alex Wang, CEO and founder of Scale AI, and Mike Brown, the former head of the Defense Innovation Unit, reveals that the safeguards of AI of the Pentagon are in fairly good condition.

If we can “enhance” the safeguards already established by AI in the Department of Defense and extend them, the rest of the government could adopt the same precautions.

“That’s something we’re exploring right now,” he continued, saying it could also “set the standard” for commercial entities.

Another issue at the top of the committee’s agenda is to “consolidate” a loophole in export controls for graphics processing unit (GPU) chips to ensure that China does not have access to them.

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“I’m glad Congress has started to exercise an oversight function on this and educated itself on AI,” Gallagher said.

During a Senate hearing on Tuesday, the founder of ChatGPT — an AI chatbot developed using Open AI technology — urged Congress to start regulating the emerging technology.

ChatGPT’s Sam Altman warned lawmakers: “If this technology goes wrong, it can go wrong.”

He urged Congress to create tougher regulations around AI — something the House China Committee is already studying.

“We are exploring various ideas for a potential audience or perhaps a different format for an activity that would deepen the discussion on AI,” Gallagher added.

“I’m glad Congress has started to exercise a watchdog function on this and educated itself on AI.”

Gallagher noted that President Biden will discuss AI at ongoing G7 meetings in Japan with world leaders.

The president arrived in Hiroshima, Japan on Thursday despite ongoing negotiations with Congress on how to avoid the debt ceiling crisis.

Biden canceled the second leg of his trip to Australia and Papua New Guinea to return home and resume negotiations.

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers led by Gallagher is traveling to London on Thursday to meet with key British leaders to find ways for the two nations to work together to effectively counter China’s growing aggression on multiple fronts.

“The Chinese Communist Party’s aggression is global, and the US and UK face common economic, military and ideological threats posed by the CCP,” Gallagher told DailyMail.com of the trip to come.

On Friday, the Chinese hawks will meet UK Deputy National Security Adviser Beth Sizeland and Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace.

Lawmakers will also attend the inaugural meeting of the “Reagan-Jackson Security Dialogue,” held this weekend in Cambridge by the Ronald Reagan Institute and the London-based Henry Jackson Society.

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