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“It was carried out with a Ukrainian march”…an explosion in a Russian city south of Moscow


The emergency service in the Russian city of Tula announced that two people were injured as a result of a large explosion in the city of Kirevsk in the Tula province of Russia, 200 km south of the capital, Moscow.

Today, Sunday, the representative of the service in the city said, in exclusive statements to “TASS”: “The explosion occurred at 15:19, and resulted in the injury of two people, born in 2002 and 2006, due to shrapnel, and they were treated immediately.”


For its part, the Russian police confirmed that the Kirivsk attack south of Moscow was carried out by a Ukrainian drone loaded with explosives.

In early March, the Tula district authorities announced that a crater left by an explosion had been found 600 meters from the village of Berezovsik in the Kirievsik district of the province, noting that there were no damages or injuries.

crater after the explosion

A statement issued at the time by the Tula District Regional Security Committee said: “This morning an explosion crater was discovered in the forest 600 meters from the village of Berezovsik in the Kirievsk district. All emergency services are working at the site. The causes of the accident are being established.”

In addition, several Russian cities were attacked by drones, while Kiev has not yet announced the targeting of sites inside Russia.

In turn, Moscow accused Ukraine of being behind the attacks on Russian military infrastructure during the war.

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