It may be safe to update your Apple HomePod now

Two days ago we brought you the news that a new iOS 13.2 update for Apple & # 39; s HomePod could finally distinguish the voices of different users. But the same evening the update disappeared – probably due to numerous reports that it was bricking HomePods. Fortunately, it seems that there is now a new iOS 13.2.1 update that is now being rolled out that continues where 13.2 had remained.


As MacRumors notes, iOS 13.2.1 has the exact same change log, suggesting that the only real change is a fix for the bug. It would be nice if Apple would come out and say so, but maybe the company hopes that we forget there was a problem someday.

Please note that we actually do not know if this update offers a solution – it is very unlikely that Apple would resume updates if the issue was not resolved. We are now installing it on a HomePod, but that will not be a definitive test, since 13.2 did not build any of our personal units the first time.

If you already have a brick-built HomePod, there are reports that Apple will replace it, even outside the warranty, if you contact Apple Support now.