It looks like Fortnite’s next big event will be on August 6th

Fortnite‘s next big live event looks very close. Following the game’s most recent update, a new alien ship can be found hovering over the center of the Battle Royale Island, projecting a clock counting down to August 6.

Given FortniteIn its history with live events — which span everything from a Galactus attack to an island-destroying black hole to a real-life single-player mission — it seems likely that this countdown will end at the last minute. Developer Epic, as always, is cryptic about what’s happening. “It doesn’t seem to mean harm,” the developer says about the ship. “Its purpose is predicted to become clearer in the near future.” Previous Leaks have also suggested an Ariana Grande concert is coming to the game, though it’s unclear if the pop star has any connection to the alien invasion.

FortniteThe current alien themed season started on June 8 and changed the battle royale game with all kinds of new alien weapons and terrain. Since, Fortnite has seen a steady stream of updates and events, including a trippy concert, a short film festival, and new characters such as Loki, LeBron James, and Bugha.