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It appears that GTA 6 will not use advanced artificial intelligence -WhatsNew2Day


said the CEO Take-Two The publisher of the upcoming GTA 6 game Developing games “is the domain of the human beings”, as many game development companies are increasingly turning to it, despite the fact that it is a controversial technology.

Artificial intelligence is known to play an important role in the development of video games, as it can be used to create intelligent characters and advanced scenarios. The AI ​​also helps improve the game experience by providing improvements in the AI ​​of enemies and partners. Controlling the AI ​​in the game.

Quoted from PC Gamer, Take-Two CEO stated Strauss Zelnick During a question-and-answer session with the company’s investors, pointing out that artificial intelligence is important for the industry, but not to replace its human developers, indicating that artificial intelligence cannot make successful video games, because it is the field of game development in the first place, “it is a field for humans,” and he continued his remarks speaking :

“Recent developments in the field of artificial intelligence are surprising and interesting to many. It’s exciting to us but not surprising at all. We saw that AI would allow us to do a better and more efficient job, we are talking about tools and they are simply better and more effective tools.”

“I wish I could say that advances in AI will make it easier to create successful games, but that’s clearly not the case. Successful games are characterized by genius. And data sets plus big computing and language models do not equate to genius. Genius is the domain of human beings and I think it will remain so.”

However, the Take-Two boss does not rule out the use of AI in order to help developers “do a better and more efficient job,” referring to AI-based utilities, and it’s not clear if he has imposed any restrictions on how intelligence is used. However, we now know that it is unlikely that we will see AI techniques in GTA 6.

The use of artificial intelligence still needs a few years in order to replace developers and artists within the studio, as we have already seen this in some titles such as High on Life that have been criticized in such a matter, where many pieces of art scattered in the player’s bedroom were created by Artificial intelligence, with some bugs and strange objects appearing because of this.

And since GTA 6 has been under development for a long time, this certainly indicates that the use of artificial intelligence will be very limited, as he indicated. Strauss Zelnick.

What do you think of the use of artificial intelligence techniques in the field of video games, and could it make a game like GTA 6 look better?

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