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Israeli raids have killed 25 Palestinians since Tuesday, including a leader in Islamic Jihad



At Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip, the body of the 10-year-old girl, Lian Madoukh, arrived.

Her corpse, which was wrapped in a white sheet stained with blood, was placed on a stretcher, and citizens gathered around it, one of whom was weeping bitterly.

For its part, the “Martyr Abu Ali Mustafa” Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Popular Front, mourned four of its activists.

The brigades mentioned the names of the four, and they are Muhammad Abu Taima, Alaa Abu Taima, Ayman Saidam and Samir Abdel Aziz.

In the Gaza Strip, shops closed their doors and the streets appeared almost empty.

“We are worried and we live in tension,” Munther Abdullah said, adding, “What happened yesterday was a surprise…an unexpected massacre.”

“This evening, I say to our enemies: any escalation on your part will be answered devastatingly by us,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said after a meeting of the security cabinet on Tuesday evening.

He added that security officials are preparing for “any escalatory scenario on more than one front.”

In the city of Ashkelon, Shahar Batbul, 25, said, “Two days have passed since they (the Palestinian factions) succeeded in disrupting our routine and safety.”

“I have mixed feelings… We are facing a lot of escalation that makes our lives tense and even more so when missiles are fired at us,” he added.

The front between Israel and the Gaza Strip calmed down after witnessing an exchange of shelling last week, which left one dead and five wounded on the Palestinian side and three wounded on the Israeli side. And it came after the death of the leader of the Jihad movement, Khader Adnan (45 years), in an Israeli prison, as a result of a hunger strike that lasted for about three months.

In August 2022, three days of armed clashes between Israel and Islamic Jihad left 49 Palestinians dead, including 12 Jihad members, according to the movement, and at least 19 children, according to the United Nations.

Since the beginning of January, more than 125 Palestinians, 19 Israelis, a Ukrainian and an Italian have been killed in confrontations, military operations and attacks, according to an AFP tally based on official Israeli and Palestinian sources.

These numbers include fighters and civilians, including minors, from the Palestinian side. On the Israeli side, the majority of the dead were civilians, including minors and three Israeli Arabs.

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