Is VPN Safe For Online Betting?

A lot of people use virtual private networks or VPN nowadays. Different types of people use it for different purposes–some use it with the belief that their location and IP would then be untraceable (hint: it is), and some use it with privacy for their personal information in mind.

If you are someone who gambles online, it is generally safe for you to access an online casino or online sports betting app or site using a VPN, as long as the use of it would not end up with you violating the specific laws and restrictions in your country or state. With that in mind, good review sites like silent bet can help you out on choosing the right app or site for you on your search for an online casino or an online sports bookmaker.

As for VPNs, are there any dangers to using a free VPN? Would you be able to bet safely by using one? More so, are the “free” version of this service free? Here are the things you need to know about VPN apps that claim to be “free.”

Your internet connection can get slower

Once you tunnel your connection through the proxy servers of a VPN you downloaded, they can give you a server with limited internet speed or even only allow you limited bandwidth for free use. Technically speaking, they do not slow down your internet per se, but instead connects you to a proxy with a slow connection.

Keep in mind that a lot of “free” VPN apps can be downloaded and used at zero cost but gives you the option for a “premium” or “pro” version for a price. With this in mind, developers of these free apps sometimes trick users into making them purchase the paid service by intentionally making the free version a bad one.

This can lead to an overall unsatisfactory experience as it may result in interrupted gaming, connection buffering, and more. Much worse is that you might lose a winning bet because of poor connectivity.

Your personal information can be compromised

Have you ever experienced chatting with your friend about a new Italian restaurant in your town that just opened and then suddenly, you start getting ads and promotions about pasta and other Italian food? Or perhaps you stumbled upon a video on YouTube that featured cute cats and the next you see on a different website was an ad for cat food.

This is really how ads and ad targeting work. A lot of apps and services such as Google and Facebook, collect data based on your browsing behavior or in-app activity to better target ads that are suited to your interests and possible interests, all based on your online activities. Google, Facebook, and many other apps do this legally and under the restrictions and rules and regulations set by the law. However, some apps can illegally sell you private information such as your behavioral profile maliciously, and your information may be used against you or used to try to compromise your online accounts.

Since you also have your banking or card information given to a betting app or site, those can be compromised, too–and you surely do not want that to happen.

Before you go

While all the above-mentioned risks and dangers are real, it does not necessarily mean that all free VPN apps are infected with malware or out there to steal your personal information. There are still several benefits to using a VPN, even for online gambling. For one, the right VPN service can indeed help keep your information private and safe. That is the keyword you should remember–the “right VPN.” Thus, you need to choose your service provider wisely.

The decision to download a free service and agree to is terms (and maybe even unconsciously agree to its hidden terms as well) still falls on you and as always, keep in mind to proceed with extra caution all the time