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Is this America’s WORST-driven car? Clips of Nissan Altimas cutting-up traffic and crashing – with their drivers also regularly seen brawling – inspire ‘Big Altima Energy’ memes


When it comes to bad driving, it’s the person behind the wheel that makes all the difference – and the internet has singled out Nissan Altima drivers as the main culprits.

Ever since they first appeared on the streets in 1992, drivers of the humble sedan have been the butt of endless jokes.

Today, the cars have their own online cult following with enthusiasts uploading photos and videos dedicated to the “Big Altima Energy” – or BAE – characterized by car crashes, chilling police chases and comical missteps.

Some car enthusiasts insist that motorists guilty of BAE are not limited to Altima drivers, with one Reddit user describing assuming it’s “an idea, a feeling or a ‘a lifestyle that transcends any car or brand…BAE means being as trashy as possible’.

A wild clip shows a woman going into a frenzy after an Altima driver rams into her car, with many saying her lopsided behavior is also ‘Big Altima Energy’.

While social media has always been flooded with wild brawls and silly driving videos, Big Altima Energy’s emergence is apparently more specialized.

This craze comes from a reckless and laissez-faire attitude on the road, where motorists drive without windows or over huge bumps and don’t care about the damage.

“What really defines BAE is a complete lack of accountability,” said one social media user commenting on the trend.

They explained that while a BMW, another car notorious for bad driving, can interrupt someone, its drivers are likely to always look to see if there’s room to do so because “they always care. what happens to their vehicle.

“An Altima driver doesn’t care that his front bumper is missing,” they added. “If you’re in the way, they won’t mind picking up another bump. »

According to a study conducted by the insurance comparator Penguin ValueNissan Altimas were the ninth most likely car to be involved in a fatal accident between 2013 and 2018 – although these vehicles only account for around a third of the 10,845 accidents involving the leader, Ford F-Series trucks, in the during the same period.

Followers of the

Followers of the “Big Altima Energy” trend often note that it’s fueled by recklessness where drivers “are not afraid to make another dent.”

Motorists exposing 'BAE' aim to be 'as trashy as possible' according to social media

Motorists exposing ‘BAE’ aim to be ‘as trashy as possible’ according to social media

Stunning clip shows an Altima racing down a residential street

A police car chases an Altima

A stunning clip shows an Altima hurtling down a residential street being chased by a police cruiser.

The rise of “Big Altima Energy” follows in the footsteps of other hilarious internet memes like “Karens” asking to see the manager, with clips of BAE’s behavior often showing crazy, unhinged situations.

In a viral video shared on a dedicated BAE Facebook page, a woman was seen kicking the front bumper of an Altima after it hit her car. With a growing crowd screaming at the scene, the driver then seemingly provides a perfect example of “Big Altima Energy.”

Without thinking about his own failed engine, the driver rushes into the woman’s car and continually bumps and damages the vehicle.

Some viewers added that the woman’s fury was also a good example of the hold the Altima seems to have on people, with one describing it as “a mess”.

Another absurd Altima Inspired Fiasco Saw A family was chatting on the side of the road when one of the Nissans passed them at breakneck speed.

The Altima was quickly followed by two police cars lighting up the road, with viewers saying the daring car chase was typical of “Altima energy”.

Many note that the

Many note that the “Big Altima Energy” is not limited to Nissan cars, but rather a “sentiment” about trashy, crazy or even sometimes scary motorists. Here a Toyota Corolla is pictured for sale, although it appears to be covered in blood.

Altima drivers are notorious for their laissez-faire, carefree attitude toward their failed engines, where they drive with glaring damage from their many car crashes.

Altima drivers are notorious for their laissez-faire, carefree attitude toward their failed engines, where they drive with glaring damage from their many car crashes.

In a statement to DailyMail.com, Nissan said it “promotes safe and respectful driving” and that “all motorists are responsible for obeying traffic laws wherever they drive their vehicle.”

Ironically, the reason Altimas have earned their reputation for crashes and errors may be due to an advantage cars had more than a decade ago.

In 2002, Nissan was ahead in engine manufacturing and was one of the first automakers to install continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) in their cars.

Over the years, many Nissans have been upgraded with this technology, including Altimas. CVTs keep the engine pistons at the most efficient speed with their extended gear ratios.

It basically gave the cars a powerful acceleration that took them off the line and gave their drivers extra momentum in situations like overtaking.

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