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Is there a scene after the Fast X badge? (no burning)


Let’s get straight to the point: Want to know if there’s a post-apocalypse after Fast X, the latest Fast and the Furious movie? We’ll answer you now and here: There is one scene during the middle of the movie’s ending credits.

It is worth noting that this scene is large and important, and there is no other scene after it. On the other hand, be sure to read our burn-free Fast X review.

The film had some difficulties during its production, as the original director of the film, Justin Lin, left early in the production process, due to a fight with Vin Diesel. This caused the film to be left without a director for a week before Louis Leterrier came on in his place.

As a result, a fistfight scene between returning actresses Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron was filmed without a director.

Fast X is set to be the first of two films that mark the conclusion of the decades-spanning series, but Vin Diesel recently said that this finale could actually span the trilogy.

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