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Is the war in Ukraine at a stalemate?


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Russia launched a barrage of new airstrikes on Thursday morning.

A barrage of Russian airstrikes woke people across Ukraine on Thursday morning.

Some reportedly involved hypersonic missiles, capable of traveling at up to 8 km per second.

It is the latest wave of attacks in a conflict that does not seem to end.

Russia has a limited supply of the advanced hypersonic missiles that Ukrainian defenses failed to intercept.

The change in tactics from week to week has made the war difficult to predict.

And those under attack never know when a missile will come their way.

But is there a chance for diplomacy?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Pavel Felgenhauer – Defense and military analyst

Hanna Shelest – Director of security programs at Ukrainian Prism think tank

Patrick Bury – Associate Professor of Security at the University of Bath

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