Is Online Gambling A Dangerous Hobby?

The high release of dopamine and endorphins during a competition, the neurochemicals in our bodies responsible for both pleasure and pain relief, play a big part in the decision-making process as well.

Win or Lose? Or Win-Win Situation? 

When it comes to victories and losses, whether they are real or virtual,  humans are very prone to invest time and energy into any sort of games and actions that involve a reward at the end. We like to share, analyze and watch the consequences of our tactics, especially when it comes to physical sports. 

In the last years, the rise in digital gambling and sports competitions, associated with being exposed to live sports streaming channels constantly made the issues even more debatable. 

On one hand, fans could get help as fast as possible, if they notice their lifestyle habits being negatively affected. And is normal to lose our minds and self-control in certain situations, whether joyful or excruciatingly adventurous. 

One important principle for all fervent punters out there, states that “If you can’t afford losing, you shouldn’t gamble”, and it has become more of a philosophy than a simple quote. As humans, we are all wired to look for bigger challenges and higher dopamine sources. This is why in order to improve the odds against a probable loss, it is mandatory to be self-aware and in a good mood to take a positive decision for your finances. 

On the other hand, the fine line between real passion and foolish distraction is harder to be drawn, since having easy access directly from your smartphone to a very attractively designed poker networking mobile app, can make users get lost in the waiting process for the next update and neglect their financial weekly obligations instead.

Time is Money – A Bit of Context

Getting caught up in the latest version of a new board game, poker tournament, or football live updates also depends on the calendar of international competitions such as Premier League, or UEFA annual editions. A real professional punter is committed to being up to date with the latest news in these competitions. 

Especially in times such as the European Cup’s season or a different international competition, fans can’t stay away from sharing and participating no matter the distance, time, or amount of knowledge. The majority allow themselves to take part in the game sacrificing their finances by supporting their favorite teams.

Phenomenal Coping Mechanism Alternatives For Daily Unwind 

Everyone has good and bad days, successes and failures. And we all manage to cope with them somehow at the end of the day. However you feel, you shouldn’t fall into the trap of instant winning. It’s a temporary illusion of financial comfort and a pseudo relief from your real-life problems. 

Carefully calculating the risks and consequences of your bets and additional investments comes in time and you should ask for help if you feel like your self-control is not 100% present.

A good start in recovering from excessive or mindless betting is to look for proper solutions and support from professionals. Make sure to follow a procedure that will guide you towards better management of your spendings and uncontrollable behavior. It is not a sign of quitting early, but of great self-awareness and responsibility within the industry that supports gamblers worldwide. 

Taking a break sometimes can help you gain a new perspective on your gaming style and adopt a new tactic in the next season. Other times, a pause proves to be a life-changing experience for people who discover their alternative vocations or take a different career path to improve themselves.

Learning in The Online Community

Many professional poker players listed on wsop online edition, as well as athletes, are famous for their incredible dedication and discipline in mastering what starts as a hobby and ends like a full-time career. Their personal journeys and testimonials available online are very useful in tackling your own style and gaining fresh insights or warnings with possible negative outcomes. 

If you want to replace your routine with an equally pleasurable activity you can dedicate your time to online research and lectures about life lessons gained within this industry. Entrepreneurship and business skills are really valuable for any adult out there. Having a mentor and close friends to share your story might help you understand your own personality and improve your gambling tactics as well. 


Any journey to self-knowledge and mastering your passion and mind starts with obstacles and the odds are always out there for anyone who dares to try their luck. However, people who are drawn to instant gratification gambling options might be disappointed to discover how much effort it actually takes to become a successful entrepreneur or professional punter.

The probability of hitting the jackpot by simply installing a beautiful UX-designed casino app is really rare. 

Commitment and wisdom are traits that will make the difference between success and failure in many areas of your life not with regard to your free time only.