Is GreenGeeks The Right Fit For Your Agency? – A Review

If you’re running an agency that provides web hosting as one of its services, it’s important to find a dependable hosting provider. One of the options is GreenGeeks, which is a well-known hosting provider that utilizes renewable energy. Upon reading this review, you’ll determine whether GreenGeeks is the right fit for your agency. 

Renewable Energy

GreenGeeks purchases renewable energy credits, in an effort to offset the energy it takes to power its servers. Therefore, if you use GreenGeeks as a hosting provider, it would mean that your agency values renewable energy. Your company can display Greengeeks’ white-label badge to appeal to a large demographic of the workforce that values sustainability. 


It’s indisputable that agencies have to prioritize uptime. For one, you’ll need your hosting provider to mitigate server trouble. If there is poor uptime, you will be subjected to waiting for your hosting provider to solve problems. 

In the time that websites are down, your agency can lose business. Ultimately, if customers encounter downtime, they may look for a different agency. Furthermore, downtime is a detriment to your reputation. In some cases, customers may write negative reviews about how your agency is unavailable and unresponsive. 

GreenGeeks’ uptime clocked in at above-average over the past two years. Specifically, the uptime remained at 99.98 per cent. It’s in your best interest to choose a provider that maintains a high uptime, particularly if your clients uses eCommerce. For example, if a customer goes to make a purchase on a site and the site fails to load, it can send a message to the customer that your agency is unreliable. 


Agencies, in general, need to prevent hacking. Therefore, it’s necessary to have an SSL certificate. Specifically, GreenGeeks gives agencies a wildcard SSL certificate that will secure eCommerce data. A wildcard SSL certificate also gives an agency the capacity to distribute multiple domains.

GreenGeeks also has continuous server monitoring and nightly backups. If you choose a provider with several security measures, it’s likely you’ll have to deal with fewer hacks. Moreover, you’ll meet clients’ expectations to protect data.


Speed will influence your agency’s reputation. For example, if site viewers find that your page load time lags, your agency will lose credibility. Therefore, it’s essential to opt for a hosting provider with fast speed. Moreover, customers now expect websites to stay running night and day at full speed. Therefore, a formidable hosting provider will deliver high uptime and speed, concurrently. GreenGeeks has above-average uptime and speed.

GreenGeeks has 5 data centers. Four of the data centers are in North America. The fifth center is in Europe. Its multiple data centers contribute to above-average speed. Another factor that contributes to speed is SSD hard drives, which GreenGeeks has. Moreover, GreenGeeks uses updated programming languages.

Customer support

It’s important to align with a hosting provider that demonstrates competent customer support. It’s especially important when there is a server problem that needs to be addressed promptly. For example, if your client’s site crashes, you need to have immediate access to customer support. 

GreenGeeks generally responds to support queries promptly. Your agency can test that statement by going to the GreenGeeks website and starting a live chat. If you present a general question about GreenGeeks hosting, you will talk to the first tier of support. More complex problems will require higher tiers of support. However many can be solved at tier one.

GreenGeeks customer support is not outsourced. The representatives reside in North America. The customer support live chat is 24/7. It’s also tiered, in case you need a representative with more technical knowledge to solve a specific problem. Aside from the live chat, there is the option to fill out an open ticket. Otherwise, you can email customer support or call during business hours. In addition to speaking to representatives, you can read the knowledge base on the GreenGeeks website.


One way to discern whether GreenGeeks is the right fit for your agency is to utilize the 30-day money-back guarantee. Like many providers, GreenGeeks has the option to pay a monthly fee for its hosting plans. However, if you sign up for 3 years, the monthly fee is several dollars less. The current payment methods are PayPal and credit cards.