Is Germany at risk of violent plots by far-right groups?

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German police claim that they disrupted a plot by far-right to overthrow the government using force.

German authorities have taken 25 people into custody following raids at 130 locations in the country as part a long investigation.

Police claimed that the detained leaders included a 71-year old prince, a retired senior officer in the military, a judge, as well as a former member of parliament who was far-right.

Prosecutors suspect that the group was planning an attack on parliament.

Far-right parties in Europe have seen political gains in recent decades, especially in Italy where they are leading the coalition government headed by Prime Minister Giorgia Maloni.

So what’s the secret behind the political achievements of Europe’s far right? Are these successes likely to continue?

Presenter: Nastasya Taylor


Ben Aris, Founder and Editor-in Chief of bne IntelliNews

Eleonora Poli – Head of Analysis at the Centers for European Policy Network

Paul Jackson – Professor of History of Radicalism and Extremism, University of Northampton

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