Is cybersecurity a good career?

The growth of the networked economy or digital environment helps public and private organizations, businesses, and service providers to increase the quality of business approach and delivery. People get instant access to all of their needs of information, products, services, entertainment, communication, and anything that makes their life simple and smart. But, at the same time, recent studies state that there is a shocking 450% increase in the number of cyber-crime related issues under the IT act.  This creates a demand for cyber security experts in the job market.

Cyber Security – A good career to choose 

There is no doubt that cybersecurity is an excellent career to select for the techies especially those working in the IT department. Recent studies and reports state that even an average data breach can cost a good amount for the company, and a large breach of data is more than enough to bring huge cracks in the solid financial foundation of the company. Another report states that at least one cybercrime is reported every 20 minutes in the country irrespective of the degree of loss or danger. This makes every business and service provider with an online presence think about leveraging the services of a cyber-security expert. 

Here are some of the factors that make this career one of the best to select from. 

Above-average earnings 

All of the organizations, whether it is government or private make use of computers to store important data of products, services, clients, and contracts. Most of them depend on online technologies to save data on secured online platforms. There are hackers in the industry with wrong intentions to access data illegally and use it for purposes that can ruin a business. Reputed magazines and organizations say that the financial cost to repair cybercrime damages will be huge and some even beyond repair in the coming years. 

This makes it obvious for companies and organizations to provide utmost priority to the protection of data. And for that, they need talented cybersecurity professionals who can assure the safety of data by making it accessible only for authorized people. The companies are ready to pay above the average amount for skilled cybersecurity experts.

Support your interest 

This is another benefit of selecting a career in cybersecurity. It gives you the freedom to select employers based on their interested factors. Most of the modern business is in need of cybersecurity help for varied reasons. You have the freedom to select the company you work for based on interest, including company reputation, integrity, company culture, ability to innovate, or emerging technologies. With professional skills, you can select any of the companies based on your interests to start with the career.

The endless variety of tasks 

There are a lot of things to do to protect the computer system from being hacked. Some of the important duties include monitoring and securing individual access terminals, researching industry discoveries and trends, installing, testing and updating software, investigating and neutralizing potential threats, and provide training for the staff related to best-use-practices.

Variety of career paths 

Professional experts in the cybersecurity field can select job positions as they like. They can work as Technical support staff, Network infrastructure support, Network administrator, Computer research scientist, and information system manager.

Different personalities in cybersecurity  

Get information on different personalities in cybersecurity. This helps you to match your interests with the right career path. Here are some of them.  

As Problem Solvers

Problem solvers are extremely perceptive and analytical. They have excellent critical thinking skills to address and manage both cyber threats and security incidents within the organization or company. They are considered as the analytical brain of security, and incident responders better match with this personality. They make use of advanced computer technologies to trace out the security weakness and to mitigate the risks. 

As Quick Learners

You are a quick learner when you have to passion to research new information. Quick learners love to work under pressure and are interested in anticipating the activities of cybercriminals. The career as the security architect is a high-level job role, and it better matches the traits of quick learners. Your never-ending interest in IT technologies helps you build a strong security structure for the company at the same time as adding values to your professional profile.  

As Avengers

You can work as avengers if you have strong emotions and feelings for your job and have the guts to fight against cybercrime. Job roles as security engineers have the traits of avengers. They can engage in the process of foreseeing the security risks and threats that can happen in the future to take first-line defenses against the same. They can make use of their abilities and technical skills to find out the security threats from outside sources.

As Teachers

Cybersecurity experts with the personality of teachers are helpful in the security team. They love to use their exceptional and effective listening skills to identify and understand what others are talking about and make their entry when needed to share expertise and knowledge. If you love to help others and share your skills, then prefer the job role as a cybersecurity consultant. This makes you work with company managers, as a part of the security team and as an advisor in security issues.

As Enthusiasts

This personality has an extreme passion for cybersecurity. They take the utmost interest and effort to keep computer networks and data safe from any of the security breaches. Ethical hackers or penetration testers better suit with the traits of an enthusiast. They make use of their technical knowledge and creativity to stay always one step ahead of cybercriminals. Ethical hackers are usually hired by the companies for the interesting but important task of hacking it into their own computer network and data to find out the security loopholes and mitigate it in the best way. 

These are some of the interesting facts that make cybersecurity a good career in the present world of digital business. The job provides the freedom to earn a good income, work in interesting roles, and enjoy a reputed and respected job role in the company. Every company is looking for an ethical hacker to seal all of the entries through which a hacker makes illegal entries to steal, damage, or corrupt the data and records.