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Is a tremor looming at FC Bayern, Mr Tuchel?


FC Bayern is currently in crisis. On Saturday (3:30 p.m.) the record champions in the Bundesliga have to play against 1. FSV Mainz 05. Head coach Thomas Tuchel spoke at a press conference on Friday afternoon about the situation on Säbener Strasse.

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+++ Tuchel on the arrival of assistant coach Barry +++

“He just arrived. I’m very happy. We fought long and hard. It’s the whole package: the personality, the love of the game, the quality – even in set pieces.”

+++Tuchel on the offensive +++

“Sometimes you think at the moment that we lack a dash of determination and a dash of selfishness. In the end it’s all about decisions. I’ve never scored a goal in my career. But of course you have to keep a cool head in situations like this. We need one good mixture of many components. That’s our turn.”

+++ Tuchel on Hamann’s Müller statements +++

“The topic is actually ticked off. I’ve already talked about it. I was impressed by how he took the decision. He received an extremely tough decision against himself. But that’s my job. Of course you can always dig deeper and “Find experts who say he doesn’t play under me anymore. And of course you can also find experts who say he plays or should line up on the six or the nine. You can keep spinning the wheel endlessly. Thomas Müller deserves my maximum Respect and gets it.”

+++ Tuchel on the upcoming week +++

“We didn’t want that. It’s the worst thing that could have happened. When you’re Bayern Munich coach, you always want English weeks at the end of the season.”

+++ Tuchel about Bo Svensson +++

“Even as a player he acted like a coach. That reminded me a bit of myself. Even as a player he was very critical and questioned a lot. Even as a player he played football with foresight. He wasn’t a sprinter, but he still did played at this level. We could all imagine him becoming a good coach. We never lost touch, he’s a fantastic person. Christian Heidel is back and the club is reassured. He’s found a strong coach again. The core , who make up Mainz 05, have been found. Things are looking good in the table. That’s primarily thanks to Bo and Christian. But enough praise for now: we’re going there to win.”

+++ Tuchel on the will to win +++

“The players aren’t too fed up. We also missed something in the cup game against Freiburg and Hoffenheim, yes. I don’t quite know the reason for that yet. But we’re not too fed up a bit paralyzed. Paralyzed, free to act creatively. I would like to calm things down and not open a big barrel. We would like steam from the substitution bench. We can do things better. We will address that very clearly. We have to do that more often turn dissatisfaction into energy.”

+++ Tuchel on the personnel situation +++

“We expect everyone in training, if nothing happens everyone is ready.”

+++ Tuchel on the exploitation of chances +++

“You can show a lot of videos and have conversations. But for the offensive players, only a goal or a goal contribution helps. In the second leg we needed a lot of efficiency. Sometimes you have to make a goal out of nothing Difficult, that’s obvious. We have the opportunity, but we need more effectiveness.”

+++ Tuchel on Müller’s renunciation against ManCity +++

“I’m a big Thomas Müller fan myself. I still thought that these two games weren’t actually Müller games in terms of their characteristics. In the other six constellations, the probability that he would have played would have been very high. His reaction in training was great. He dealt with it in an exemplary manner. But I have to make my decisions, sometimes they’re tough.”

+++ Tuchel about Mainz +++

“It will be very difficult. Mainz will use the time to prepare intensively for this game. They have their very own style, they perform well. They are third in the second half of the table. They are surfing on a wave, it will be a brutally difficult task Playing in Mainz at this point will be tough. It’s going to be a big task, we have to be ready tomorrow. But strength lies in calm. We’ll recharge our batteries today. It’s going to be a physically demanding game.”

+++ Tuchel on the Kahn rumors +++

“Believe me or not, I’m not reading anything at the moment. Then I arrive here in the morning and feel a calm atmosphere. I try to influence what I can influence. I don’t want to comment on the rumours. I work calmly and purposefully Oliver Kahn and Hasan Salihamidzic together.”

+++ Tuchel on the results of the season +++

“I can absolutely understand that three years without a semi-final in the DFB-Pokal is not the goal. I cannot understand that three years of quarter-finals in the Champions League is a crisis. We must not forget who we are dealing with Liverpool weren’t in the quarter-finals, Arsenal weren’t in the quarter-finals. Of course it’s my aim to go through.”

+++ The press conference begins +++

Thomas Tuchel is here. The press conference of FC Bayern starts.

+++ It’s about to start +++

Only a few minutes, then Thomas Tuchel appears in front of the press.

+++ Rumors about the threat of Kahn-Aus +++

FC Bayern does not come to rest after the quarter-finals in the Champions League. Speculations are currently circulating that Oliver Kahn is threatened with being the CEO of the German record champions. The club countered.

“No, these rumors are not true,” said club president Herbert Hainer when asked by “dpa”. Kahn himself made it clear to “Bild”: “I’m not wasting a second thinking about my contract at the moment, it’s always about FC Bayern.” How does head coach Thomas Tuchel react?

+++ FC Bayern wants to use the last chance for the title +++

After losing the DFB Cup and the Champions League, FC Bayern only has one chance at a title. The Bundesliga is the only thing that counts for Munich.

“There are no more excuses for us players, we can’t blame the coach or anything else. At the end of the day, we’re the ones who are on the pitch and have to fix it,” said Joshua Kimmich after the Champions League exit League against Manchester City on Wednesday at “DAZN”.

+++ FC Bayern under pressure in the Bundesliga +++

FC Bayern continues to rank ahead of Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga. On the last day of the game, Munich were lucky that the 1-1 draw against TSG Hoffenheim was not penalized by BVB. The black and yellow played 3:3 at the same time at VfB Stuttgart and could not close the small gap of two points.

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