Iran threatens its World Cup team with jailtime and torture ahead of its final match against the US

Iranian soccer players’ families at the World Cup in Qatar have been threatened with torture and jailtime by their own country’s government if they fail to adhere to pre-match rules ahead of a tense, final group match against the US on Tuesday. 

A source told CNN that a meeting between the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRCG) and all 26 soccer players was called upon after the starting XI that faced England on November 21st refused to sing the Iranian national anthem before the start of the match.

Players were told that their families would be subjugated to ‘violence and torture’ if they stay quiet during pre-match rituals and if they joined any groups protesting against the Islamic Republic’s regime. 

Iranian soccer players’ families at the World Cup in Qatar were threatened by torture and imprisonment by their government before their final Group B match against the US on Tuesday

Players Of Iran Stand During Their National Anthem Prior To The Fifa World Cup 2022 Group B Soccer Match Between England And Iran At Khalifa International Stadium In Doha

Iran’s national anthem is performed by players before the FIFA World Cup 2022, group B soccer match between Iran & England at Khalifa International Stadium (Doha)

Before the 2-0 win over Wales, the Iranian players sang their national anthem.

After the match, a dozen IRGC officials were given the task of monitoring Iran’s entire population. World Cup team and coaching personnel are not allowed to interact with people from outside their base. 

CNN source said that there were a lot of Iranian security personnel in Qatar, collecting information and watching over the players.

The sources said that Carlos Quieroz, a Portuguese manager for Iran, met separately with representatives of the IRGC after they threatened his players and their families. 

Queiroz stated previously that Iranian players have every right to protest the inauguration World Cup should they still adhere to FIFA’s standards.   

Iran Coach Carlos Queiroz Has Supported His Players' Right To Protest At A Majora International Tournament

Carlos Queiroz, Iran coach has backed his players right to protest at majora tournaments

Iranian Players Need To Win Or Draw Against The Us To Make Progress To The Knockout Stages

For Iran to advance to the knockout stages, players need to draw or win against the US

CNN sources said they were promised ‘presents, cars,’ but after a 6-2 loss against England, the government switched tactics. It felt embarrassed that no one of the players sang the country’s national anthem.

The regime sent hundreds of supporters of actors to Wales in order create a false impression of support and favor. According to a source, the regime intends to dramatically increase the number and quality of actors for the game against the U.S.

After months of demonstrations demanding Iran’s government after the September 16th death, 22-year-old MahsaAmini was killed. Amini had been detained by Iran’s morality police.

Human Rights Activists Iran, an advocacy organization that followed the demonstrations, reports that at least 450 protestors were killed in the violence and more than 18,000 were arrested.

Iran has not released the casualty and arrest figures for many months. The allegations are made without any evidence to show that the protests were orchestrated by its enemies, including the U.S.

Tehran also restricts media access. Since the protests began, over 63 photographers and reporters have been detained by Tehran, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists. This makes it difficult to cover the unrest.

Iranian Players Have Refused To Sing Their Country'S National Anthem In Protest To Women'S Rights Within The Islamic Republic

Iranian players refused to sing the national anthem of their country in protest at women’s rights within Islamic Republic

Members Of Iran'S Riot Police Wave National Flags As Fans Take To The Streets To Celebrate Their Football Team'S Win Against Wales

As Iranian fans celebrate their win over Wales, members of the riot police wave their national flags while they march down the streets.

The Americans would be eliminated if they lose Tuesday night. They tied Wales 1-1 and England0-0. England leads Group B, with four points. Iran is second with three. The U.S. has two, and Wales has one.

On Monday, Tyler Adams, USMNT captain was asked to defend the U.S.’s treatment for black people. He was also chastised for calling the opponent ‘Eye’ rather than ‘Eran’ during pre-match news conferences. 

Gregg Berhalter, American coach, was questioned by the U.S. about its immigration and Naval policies and offered his apology for the U.S. Soccer Federation’s decision to remove the Islamic Republic’s emblem from Iran’s flag on social media. 

The USSF’s decision to change its flag was intended to support protestors in Iran.

The Us Stirred Thby Referring To Iran Without The Islamic Republic Emblem On It Across Social Media

The USA World Cup Twitter account was upset by many Iranians when it referenced the country without the Islamic Republic logo on its flag across social networks

Berhalter stated that he had no idea what U.S. Soccer was doing. We can only apologize for what U.S. Soccer did to the players and staff.

Carlos Queiroz, Iran coach, was asked about Sunday’s flag flip. FIFA demanded that the U.S. leave the tournament. He However, he said that he did not intend on using the controversy to motivate him.

He said, “If I believe that I can win games with these mental games after 42 years of being a coach in this game,”

He added that ‘We have solidarity all over the globe with humanitarian causes, no matter who or what they are’. “If you think about human rights, racism or children who are killed in school shootings, we have solidarity with all of those causes. But here, our mission is to bring smiles to the people at minimum for 90 minutes.

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