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Iran carries out the death sentence against an Iranian-Swedish dissident


The judiciary’s website, Mizan Online, stated that “the death sentence against Habib Shaab, nicknamed Habib Asyud, the leader of the terrorist movement Movement of Struggle, was carried out this morning, Saturday.”

On Saturday, Iran carried out the death sentence against the Iranian-Swedish dissident Habib Shaab on charges of terrorism, according to a judicial source.

On March 12, the Iranian judiciary confirmed the death sentence against him on charges of “corruption on earth, forming a rebel group, planning and carrying out many terrorist operations.”

Sweden said at the time that “the death penalty is an inhumane punishment that cannot be remedied, and Sweden, along with the rest of the European Union, condemns it in all circumstances,” according to Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström.

It leads the people of the “Arab Struggle Movement for the Liberation of Ahwaz,” which is active in Khuzestan Province in the southwest of the Islamic Republic. The Iranian authorities consider it a “terrorist” organization and hold it responsible for attacks, most notably an explosion that killed about 30 people.

Shaab, who was residing in Sweden, went missing in October 2020 after he went to Istanbul, before he appeared after about a month detained in Iran, according to a tape broadcast on state television at the time.

The trial of Habib Faragallah Shaab, nicknamed Habib Asiud, began in January 2022 on suspicions of “terrorism”, especially “corruption on earth” and others. On the sixth of last December, the Iranian judiciary announced the death penalty against the fiftieth man, according to local media.

Sweden sought to provide him with consular assistance, to no avail, given that Iran does not recognize his dual citizenship.

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