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iPhone users say Apple’s new iOS 16.4 update reduces battery life


iPhone users have moved on to the latest update from Apple after claims that a system bug drains battery life quickly.

Complaints have taken over Twitter over the past few days as users have claimed that the latest iOS 16.4 upgrade has reduced the iPhone’s ability to hold a charge.

One social media user said their device was now having ‘heating issues’, while another added that his phone was failing to connect to Siri.

Anyone else experiencing heating issues with their #iPhone after the latest updates? The battery will not hold a charge and now it says charging will resume when it cools down,” someone tweeted.

Another added: “After the iOS 16.4 update, the battery is draining quickly and Siri is having trouble connecting. Waiting for an update as soon as possible to fix this issue.

iPhone battery life complaints have flooded Twitter since the launch of iOS 16.4 this week

1680084123 52 iPhone users say Apples new iOS 164 update reduces battery

Some users claim that the devices are no longer holding a charge while others are experiencing issues

Some users are claiming that devices are no longer holding a charge while others are experiencing ‘heating issues’

How to maximize iPhone battery health

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures: Your device is designed to perform well in temperatures between 16°C and 22°C. Anything over 35°C can permanently damage battery life.
  2. Remove some cases when chargingPhone cases that generate excessive heat while charging should be removed. Overheating can also cause the device to shut down unexpectedly.
  3. Update to the latest software: Apple updates often include energy-saving technologies.
  4. Do not fully charge or fully discharge the device : Charging to about 50 percent will help preserve its ability to preserve battery life.

In addition to the battery degradation, one user claimed that their device has completely slowed down since the update.

They tweeted: “Pretty sure the latest iOS update slowed down my iPhone. It also made my phone die at 20% battery more often.

“It’s a 6S system, relatively old (I’m sure the Nokia in my high school had a longer effective life…).”

iOS 16.4 was released by Apple just a couple of days ago in an effort to fix bugs and enhance security on iPhone 8 and later models.

It also introduced 21 new emojis including different colored hearts, more animals and musical instruments.

However, a Twitter user claimed that there is a file A “Known Bug” in iOS 16.2 – 16.4 updates that causes charging issues in iPhones.

They claimed that an Apple employee had told them this at their phone It will not turn on while charging.

Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max was working again shortly after, a Twitter user shared his hope that the “bug” would be resolved.

They tweeted: ‘Apparently nothing was wrong, including the battery.

There is a known bug in iOS 16.2 – 16.4 where the iPhone turns off and doesn’t turn on/charge for a few hours afterwards or when it’s ready to turn on/charge again. Yikes.

1680084124 848 iPhone users say Apples new iOS 164 update reduces battery

1680084125 56 iPhone users say Apples new iOS 164 update reduces battery

The social media user shared that it's the first phone

The social media user shared that it’s the first phone “(they) ever broke down” after it didn’t turn on while charging

After recent battery life complaints, Apple Support was seen inviting some affected users into private Twitter discussions.

“We’d like to help solve an issue you’re having with your iPhone’s battery,” said one user.

Please DM us for more details on what specifically changed after the iOS 16.4 update.

Although Apple has not yet commented on these issues, reduced battery life can be normal after software updates like these.

Changes caused by energy-intensive updates can take hours or even days to complete. according to ZDNET.

“Installing a new OS on the iPhone causes a lot of things to run in the background, from indexing to battery resets, and this can go on for hours or even days,” explained Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, researcher at ZDNet.

Not only does this consume power, but battery recalibration can give the impression that the battery is draining more quickly when in reality it is not.

Add to that the double factor of a lot of app updates happening after a new release, along with a lot of new features available that may drain more outdated phones.

If you’re concerned about your iPhone’s battery and it’s been a few days since you updated to iOS 16.4, Kingsley-Hughes advises checking your battery health.

He added, “If you go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health and the message says it’s good for maximum performance capacity, it’s either just normal things happening, or a bug.”

Here are the 31 new emoji now available on Apple devices — including the shaking face, the Wi-Fi symbol, and the pink heart

Here are the 31 new emoji now available on Apple devices — including the shaking face, the Wi-Fi symbol, and the pink heart

Apple also advises on its website that users can increase battery life by following a number of tips.

This includes keeping your device away from extreme temperatures over 35°C which can permanently degrade battery life.

Some cases should also be removed while charging the device if they generate excessive heat, in order to avoid the device turning off unexpectedly.

For the sake of long-term health, Apple recommends that users avoid “bathing” their phone at 100 percent or letting it run out entirely.

Keeping the device fully charged for an extended period of time can actually worsen the battery capacity, which is why charging it to 50 percent might actually be better most of the time.

Apple users can view the battery status in their device settings on iPhone 6 and later.

If the maximum charge capacity is found to be less than 80 percent, it could result in fewer hours Usage between each charge.

What’s in the iOS 16.4 update?

  1. 21 new emojis, including animals, hand gestures, and objects, are now available in the emoji keyboard.
  2. Web app notifications have been added to the home screen.
  3. The sound isolation feature for phone calls prioritizes your voice and blocks out ambient noise around you.
  4. The Duplicate Album in Photos expands support for detecting duplicate photos and videos in iCloud Shared Photo Library.
  5. VoiceOver support for Maps in the Weather app.
  6. An accessibility setting to automatically darken video when flashes of light or strobe effects are detected.
  7. Crash detection improvements on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models
  8. Visual search is now available in South Africa
  9. Fixes an issue where Ask to Buy requests from children might not appear on a parent’s device
  10. Addresses issues that may cause Matter-compatible thermostats to become unresponsive when paired with an Apple Home
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