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iPhone fans will have to wait: Two important display features will only come with the iPhone 17


The iPhone 17 will appear in about two years. Only then should two important functions make it into the cell phone portfolio: a new Face ID technology and the ProMotion function for standard iPhones as well. So fans still have to be patient – ​​at least according to Apple expert Ross Young.

New Face ID technology

According to industry analyst Ross Young, the iPhone 17 Pro will be the first Apple smartphone to feature under-display Face ID technology.

This comes from a message macrumors.com out (citing a Twitter post by Ross Young). This Twitter post shows a roadmap for Apple’s iPhone (see below).

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In the same roadmap, aware Face ID technology is marked as a milestone. A familiar feature that the roadmap says will be retained: the front camera’s circular cutout. The roadmap also shows that the technology mentioned should remain in place until the iPhone Pro models in 2027.

More information just new Face ID technology: The iPhone-typical appearance should be preserved by an invisible camera. In other words, one in which the front of the device consists exclusively of a display.

Face ID technology moved: As recently as May last year, Young predicted that Face ID technology would be built into the iPhone 16 Pro models by 2024. Loud macrumors.com Young then stated that the delay in implementation was due to sensor issues.

Due to the postponed implementation, the current Dynamic Island display (consisting of two display sections) should also remain – at least for the next three upcoming iPhone Pro generations.

Before we get to ProMotion for the iPhone 17: Colleague Maxe Schwind reported on what Apple might have up its sleeve for watchOS 10.

In addition, Young pointed out that the standard iPhone 17 should be over Promotion feature.

The function has so far been reserved for high-end devices from Apple’s range of smartphones. The function was originally introduced for iPhone 13 Pro models in 2021. The iPhone 17 Plus should then logically also have ProMotion.

In practice this means: ProMotion should be available for standard iPhone models within two years – at least according to Young’s assessment.

The basis for this forecast is the roadmap mentioned above. According to this, energy-saving LTPO displays should be installed in standard iPhones from 2025 – which in turn enables the ProMotion function (thanks to a refresh rate of 120 Hz, which should enable smooth scrolling).

Already available: The iPhone 14 Pro

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Brief classification: The current standard iPhone 14 has a refresh rate of 60 Hz – which, in our opinion, is no longer up-to-date for the current smartphone generation.

Why? Because there should be more for a premium cell phone like the iPhone. With the Apple competition, the refresh rate starts at 90 Hz and higher. It’s disappointing that Apple isn’t catching up with its competitors more quickly.

What can ProMotion do? ProMotion allows the display to be reduced to a more energy-efficient refresh rate (from the iPhone 13 Pro to 10 Hz, from the iPhone 14 Pro even to 1 Hz). This will show widget, notifications and the like even when the iPhone is locked.

Who is Ross Young?

Ross Young is co-founder and managing director of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC). The man repeatedly attracts attention as an industry analyst focusing on Apple products.

According to his Twitter appearance, Young has 25 years of professional experience in the display industry. For technology enthusiasts in general and Apple fans in particular, it may be worth Ross Young’s bustle on Twitter to pursue.

What do you think of the oracular Face ID technology and the predicted ProMotion feature? Are Young’s glimpses of the future realistic – or is it all pipe dreaming? And do you think Apple is simply too late with the features? Or are you looking forward to the new features – and what do you find most exciting? Write it to us in the comments!

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