iPad Pro 3 could destroy Lightning for USB-C, according to the respected analyst

<pre><pre>iPad Pro 3 could destroy Lightning for USB-C, according to the respected analyst

You can always count on Apple supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to deliver the goods when it comes to making predictions about the upcoming products of the company Cupertino – even if they do not always prove 100% accurate.

As reported by MacRumors, the productive prognosticator in the run-up to this week's Apple event has again published research results describing what he believes Apple will have in store for us for the rest of the year, and while his previous July report more Mac was – Kuo's latest predictions are concentrated on the iPad Pro 3, iPhone 9 and Apple Watch 4.

Kicking with the upcoming iPad Pro model 2018, Kuo believes that Apple will include the celebrated Face ID functionality of the iPhone X, and will also make the switch from its own Lightning connector to the industry standard USB Type-C format.

"In addition to Face ID support, we also expect the new upgrade of the new iPad Pro models to be the replacement of Lightning through a USB-C interface and bundling with a new unibody 18W power adapter, allowing the design of the removable plug will be canceled ", according to Kuo.

Kuo notes that this year's iPhone models will retain their existing ports and adapters, although a recent ruling by EU regulators might force Apple to shut down Lightning for future iPhones.

More predictions

Speaking of iPhones, Kuo believes that in October this year a beginning 6.1-inch iPhone model with an LCD screen will appear (a bit later than the long-awaited iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max) – could that be the rumored cheaper iPhone XC to be? what we reported about yesterday?

In his notes, Kuo also made some predictions regarding the Apple Watch series this year, which states that each model has "narrower edges, supports electrocardiography (ECG), and is all equipped with ceramic backs (currently some models are equipped with composite backings). "

Although the ceramic back is news for us, we have heard rumors about 15% larger screens and ECG / EKG support in the past – this is what the Apple Left 4 screen resolution from edge to edge might look like.

Kuo also finds time to offer some MacBook-related speculation, with the analyst predicting the release of a "new, cheap MacBook" with Touch ID functionality (but no Touch Bar) that could potentially replace the current 12-inch MacBook .