Iowa police scrap search for human remains at property where woman claims her father dumped his bodies

Authorities in Iowa have called off the search for human remains after no evidence was found in a three-day excavation of a property where a woman claimed her father dumped more than 70 bodies. 

Lucy Studey McKiddy 53, stated to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, in 2007, that her father, Donald Dean Studey had forced her and her siblings into disposing of the bodies.

A recent tip prompted local, state and federal officials to conduct a search of the rural Studey property near Thurman, in which cadaver dogs alerted at multiple locations of possible human remains back in October. 

After three days of digging the areas and ‘exhaustive efforts’ to collect soil samples, no evidence or any other items of concern were discovered, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation announced Thursday. 

Authorities searched Donald Studey’s home after his daughter claimed he had murdered at most 70 women. They did not find any evidence supporting her claims.

Lucy Studey Mckiddy, 53, Told The Fremont County Sheriff'S Office In 2007 That Her Father Was A Serial Killer Who Forced Her And Her Siblings To Dispose The Bodies Of The Women He Killed

Lucy Studey McKiddy 53, stated to the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, in 2007, that her father, a serial killer, forced her and other siblings to dispose of the bodies.

The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation was the lead agency in the case and issued a short statement on Thursday. The FBI and Fremont County Sheriff’s Department assisted the agency.

The statement stated that “Over the past three days state, local and federal law enforcement helped with an investigation in Fremont County.” “Authorities brought in a variety of experts representing many disciplines and significant assets to excavate and collect soil samples from a site that was identified by a reporting party. After Despite all efforts, no evidence or other items of interest were found.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Division of Criminal Investigation and Fremont County Sheriff’s Office were the law enforcement agencies that coordinated this effort.

Lucy Studey McKiddy has been pushing for an investigation into her claims since 1945.

She Studey, who was 75 when he died in March 2013, was described as a ‘routinely drunk’ who liked to kill women by smashing their heads in a trailer.

McKiddy was able to visit the site with officials in 2021 to show them the location where her father allegedly dumped dead bodies. McKiddy and her three siblings were allegedly told to pour lye and dirt on top of the suspected graves, she claimed. 

McKiddy was at her Florida home during the most recent search. She reportedly told Newsweek that she hopes authorities will dig in the right places to find all the bodies.

Cadaver dogs alerted at minimum four spots on property, with the final receiving multiple ‘hits’ in the area around one of the wells.

McKiddy claimed that the dry well was the correct one to search and not the well. A witness said that the dry well was never searched Tuesday or Wednesday.  

She said, “I now understand how my father got away with it, as well as why it’s taken 45 years to get it right from authorities.” “I won’t give up. I’m getting those bodies out the ground.

McKiddy has been accused by making ‘conflicting allegations’ about her father. Susan, her elder sister, denies the allegations against their father.

Susan spoke to Newsweek. She said, “I’m two-years older than Lucy.” I believe I would have known if my father had murdered.

“I would know if my father was a serial killer. He It was not, and I want to restore the name of my father.

‘He Although he was strict, he was a loving parent who loved his kids. Strenuous fathers don’t just become serial killers.

She It is believed that the cadaver dog were also fooled by the remains their stillborn sister, who was buried in a box on the property as well as the body a golden retriever. 

Cadaver Dogs Alerted At Least Four Spots On The Property, With The Last Getting Multiple 'Hits' In The Area Surrounding One Of The Wells

Cadaver dogs alerted at most four spots on the property. The last one got multiple hits in the vicinity of one of the wells.

Sheriff Kevin Aistrope Said Earlier This Week That The Fbi Have Backed Away From The Investigation In Recent Weeks, Adding: 'I'M Not Going To Let It Die. I'M Just Not Gonna Let That Happen'

Sheriff Kevin Aistrope stated earlier this week that the FBI had backed away from the investigation in recent days, adding: “I’m just not going to let that happen.” I’m not going to let that happen.

McKiddy had admitted to stealing $16,000, and McKiddy said that he was skeptical of McKiddy’s credibility. The officer could not locate the well.

Sheriff Kevin Aistrope, however, stated earlier this week that the FBI has withdrawn from the investigation in recent times and added: ‘I’m going to not let it die. I’m not going to let that happen.

“We must go with Lucy. We have to investigate it, no matter what they claim. We have no other option.

McKiddy stated to deputies that she heard stories about 15 bodies buried on her father’s land in 2021, but that she only knew five of them personally, according to the Des Moines Register.

Her These claims were not the same as those she made in her Newsweek interview, where she claimed that she saw her father and two others transport a body from a vehicle’s trunk.

Mckiddy Told Deputies In 2021 That She Had 'Heard Stories That There Could Be Up To 15 Bodies' Buried On Her Father'S Land. Pictured Is Donald Study'S Former Home In Thurman, Iowa

McKiddy said to deputies in 2021 she had ‘heard tales that there could have been up to fifteen bodies’ buried on her dad’s land. Pictured is Donald Study’s former Thurman home, Iowa.

Investigators Have Previously Said That They Believe That He Lured Woman, Thought To Be Sex Workers From Omaha, Nebraska, To His Five Acres Of Land Before Murdering Them

Investigators have previously stated that they believe he lured a woman, believed to be sex worker from Omaha, Nebraska to his five acres before killing them.

She She suspected that her father had sexually assaulted a 15 year-old girl and killed her in the 1970s and 80s while she was in the car with them. The girl disappeared the next morning.

Newsweek reported that she believed there were as many 70 victims, and that her father kept her gold teeth as trophies.

McKiddy claims all of the women were dark-haired, white, and in their 20s to 30s, with the exception a 15-year old runaway.

Investigators believe he lured women from Omaha, Nebraska to his five-acres of land, before killing them.

Police reports also confirm Studey’s two wives, one by strangulation and one by shooting herself, have committed suicide.

Studey Reportedly Forced His Children To Pile Dirt And Chemical Lye On Top Of The Bodies After Dumping Them Into The Well. He Died In March 2013 At The Age Of 75

Studey reportedly made his children pile dirt and chemically lye on top after dumping the bodies into the well. He At 75 years of age, he died on March 3, 2013.

Studey had a history full of violence and ran-ins against the law, including threats to kill family members.

Studey, who had tattoos of ‘love and ‘hate on his knuckles was believed to have a criminal record but was also known to have used several aliases.

He was jailed in Missouri in the 1950s for petty larceny, in Omaha in 1989 for a drunk driving offense – as cops confirmed they rarely went to the trailer where he lived because they were ‘wary’ of him.

Studey reportedly made his children pile dirt and chemically lye on top after dumping the bodies into the well.

Lucy stated, “All I want is for these sites to be excavated and for people to come to closure and to give these women a proper funeral.” My father was a serial criminal and murderer throughout his life.

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