Iowa parents are arrested ‘for drowning their newborn baby daughter in bath to stop her crying’

Iowa parents arrested for drowning their newborn daughter in water to stop her crying, after the mother requested METH to ease the pain from the home birth.

  • Brandon Thoma, 31 and Taylor Blaha 24, drowned their baby inside a bathtub 
  • Cops discovered they had looked up on their phones how to induce an abortion
  • They both face murder charges, with bail set at $1.05M and $1M respectively  

Iowa father and mother were arrested for drowning their newborn daughter in a bathtub shortly after it was born.

Brandon Thoma (31), and Taylor Blaha (24), submerged the baby into water to stop it crying after Taylor Blaha had taken meth to ease her pain at home birth.

Thoma dumped the baby in a nearby dump after drowning it.

After learning about the incident Webster County Sheriff’s Office detectives seized their phones and discovered that both were looking for ways of inducing miscarriage.

Following their arrests on Wednesday, they were both charged with first degree murder. Thoma was also charged with the abuse of a corpse.

Their bails were set at $1.0million and $1.05million, respectively. 

Iowa mother (pictured) and father were arrested for drowning their newborn daughter in a bathtub just moments after she was born.

Brandon Thoma (Pictured), 31, And Taylor Blaha, 24, Submerged The Baby In Water To Stop It From Crying After The Mom Took Meth To Help Ease The Pain Of Her Home Birth

Brandon Thoma (pictured), 31 and Taylor Blaha (24) submerged the baby into water to stop it crying after the mom used meth to ease the pain of homebirth.

An affidavit states that on November 22, a call came in from an Iowa Department of Human Services employee stating that Blaha had been admitted at a hospital. She also reported that Blaha had given birth at home and then disposed of the baby. 

Alarmed by the reports she called the Webster County Sheriff’s Office. The detective then went to the hospital.  

Blaha then revealed to the detective that she had given birth to a girl on November 16 in Fort Dodge’s bathroom.

She It was also mentioned that Thoma was the father and that the couple had a son of two years.

She Thoma told the detective that Thoma had been in the bedroom while she gave birth. However, he was there once she was born and cut the umbilical chord before moving her, along with the baby, from the toilet into the bathtub.

According to the affidavit the baby was alive and crying when she gave birth. Thoma offered meth to ease her pain.

Blaha stated to the detective that she never intended to keep the baby and that she was going to allow her sister to adopt the child.

Thoma stated in a statement that he was concerned about the possibility that law enforcement would find meth in the baby’s system and confiscate their second child, their two-year-old boy.

The couple decided to drown the baby because the baby’s cry was likely to cause suspicion in a neighbor.

According to the affidavit Thoma demonstrated to Blaha how to place the baby in a half-full bathtub and then submerge her.

Thoma took the baby’s body out of the bathtub after it had been drowned. He wrapped it in trash bags and placed it in a backpack that he used to transport her from the apartment.

Blaha explained to the detective how Thoma had left the backpack behind in the early hours of the next morning and returned it empty.

Thomas told police, on December 5, where the body had been discarded in a rural area just north of the North Central Iowa Regional dump.

Surveillance footage showed Thoma leaving the apartment carrying the backpack and returning with a backpack that was very clearly empty’.

After Police seize their phones and discover that Blaha, Thoma, and Blaha were searching for information on how to induce miscarriage.

Thoma also shared the story of how he cut his baby’s umbilical chord with a pair scissors he had in their apartment, and kept sections of it as a reminder of the baby.

Later, police found the umbilical cord and placenta fragments in the top drawer of a dresser in a couple’s bedroom. 

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