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iOS 17 with interactive widgets? Leak mentions numerous innovations for iPhone and iPad – WhatsNew2Day


The next iOS update is yet to come not official announced. This will probably happen at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June.

An anonymous source who according to Macrumors.com has previously provided reliable information about the iPhone 14, claims to have learned a lot about the upcoming iOS update. At least it was in the forum of Macrumors and shared on Twitter.

Control Center and Accessibility

Supposedly one of the biggest changes in iOS 17: The Control Center should be in things Performance, stability, design and customization be greatly improved.

Most recently, the Control Center was significantly adjusted with iOS 11 in 2017. A general overhaul does not seem unlikely.

iPhone 14 lock screen.

iPhone 14 lock screen.

In addition, the new iPhone operating system settings for Accessibility and accessibility receive. It could be the »Custom Accessibility Mode« act already last year discovered in the iOS 16.2 beta.

The new mode would allow users to replace the typical lock and home screens with more accessible interface elements, remove the dock, set much larger app icons, and more.

The anonymous source also reports that iOS 17 may bring interactive widgets. In the same breath, however, the source puts this statement into perspective:

»Active widgets are in the test phase, but by no means confirmed«


Widgets have been around since iOS 14, but they’ve been purely visual ever since. That means you could only read data and not interact. That would change soon – as long as Apple doesn’t decide against it.

Little information about the improved search & Dynamic Island

Since iOS 16 there has been a dedicated search button at the bottom of the home screen. This makes it easier to find content and files on the iPhone or on the web.

This function should »greatly improved” become. However, the leaker did not reveal what that means exactly.

There are similarly few details Dynamic Islandwhich has so far only been installed in the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. This year she will allegedly represented in every iPhone 15 be.

The leaker, who goes by the name @analyst941 on Twitter, promises that the Dynamic Island will be able to do “a whole lot more”. But don’t go into detail.

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More improvements

Of course, there are also a few minor adjustments that are said to await you if you use iOS 17. Namely:

  • Additional settings for notifications and the always-on display
  • More focus filters
  • Improvement of the wallet app
  • Camera and Health app updates
  • Some new ARKit frameworks (for Apple’s upcoming mixed reality glasses)

iOS 17 from iPhone 8

The update should revolve around performance and stability. That’s why they should iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X be supplied with the update again. Other rumors had recently claimed the opposite.

So this is the current state of knowledge about iOS 17. Are you looking forward to the update? Have you ever been able to use the Dynamic Island? What improvements would you like to see? Feel free to write us your opinions and views in the comments!

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