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iOS 17: More lock screen, Apple Music and App Library features expected – WhatsNew2Day


Apple integrates useful, hidden functions into iOS 17.

In the last few days and weeks, reports of supposed functions that are to be integrated into iOS 17 have been piling up. At the beginning of the year, Apple expert Mark Gurman assumed a minor update.

If the rumors come true, the iPhone won’t be a groundbreaking update like iOS 16, but it will receive meaningful improvements and app enhancements throughout.

In addition to major features, there are always hidden optimizations in Apple’s updates. According to one Weibo website user account the upcoming operating system version contains minor, sensible adjustments.

The user account on the website Weibo previously confirmed the release of the yellow iPhone 14. Now the user on the platform shares more details about minor improvements for iOS 17:

  • control center: The user interface should change fundamentally.
  • App Library: Folder names can be freely customized.
  • AppleMusic: Music lyrics can be displayed on the lock screen. In addition, Apple should (again) adapt the user interface of the app.
  • lock screen: Lockscreen templates are very likely to be shared with other users.
  • flashlight: The intensity of the flashlight can probably be adjusted freely – analogous to the volume control.
  • More lock screen options: The font size can supposedly be adjusted. In addition, a background based on emojis can probably be generated.

The overhaul of the control center has been in the rumor mill for a long time and is by no means new. The few other innovations, on the other hand, do.

Even if these seem less important, they can be considered as quite useful. So far, for example, there is no way to adjust the classification of the app library.

Instead, the assignment and the names of the folders are taken over by the operating system. It remains to be seen at the earliest until the developer conference on June 5th whether the listed changes will actually come about.

More improvements in iOS 17

The list of possible new features, apps and improvements for iOS 17 is getting longer and longer. Previous rumors mainly point to improvements in Apple’s own apps such as Wallet and Where Is? there.

With the upcoming update, Apple will probably comply with EU guidelines and unlock sideloading. This will make it possible to load apps onto the iPhone via third-party providers. So far, only the in-house app store is available.

Apart from that, Apple is reportedly planning to introduce a new app with iOS 17: a digital diary.

If we believe the previous leaks, the group will pay great attention to human health – and an AI should probably support it in 2024.

The rumors about new features for the next iOS update are increasing. No wonder in view of WWDC in June. Are there any features you’ve been waiting for? Which features should Apple definitely deliver later? Let us know in the comments below!

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