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Investigation reveals Perth Mint sold gold to ex-bikie, ‘no questions asked’


One of Perth’s most famous former motorcyclists bought $27,000 worth of gold from Australia’s largest mint “without question,” according to an ABC investigation.

The incident involving former Hells Angels sergeant-at-arms Dayne Brajkovich will be included in a Four corners report on the activities of the Perth Mint, broadcast on Monday evenings.

Dayne Brajkovich buys gold at the Perth Mint in June 2022. Credit:ABC / Four Corners

The episode will argue that there are major holes in the Perth Mint’s compliance regime, which, as the world’s only government-guaranteed refinery, could cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

CCTV obtained by Four corners showed Brajkovich walking into the Perth Mint gift shop last June to buy gold.

The mint is required by law to carry out strict checks on sales to customers deemed ‘high risk’, but no such checks were made and Brajkovich was only asked for his driver’s license.

Four corners said it in no way suggested that the money used to buy the gold had been obtained illegally.

But crime financial expert Nathan Lynch said Brajkovich should have undergone a better screening process given his history, which includes a prison sentence for possession of a commercial amount of MDMA and recent convictions for gunning in public and assault.

“He’s a well-known entity and it would be quite difficult to argue that an organization didn’t know about that reputation,” Lynch said. Four corners.

“But that doesn’t matter. They have a legal obligation to look at customers who come to them, to know who they are and to look at their background.”

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