Introduction To Order Management Software And Benefits It Offers

Are you stressed from managing multiple orders from various systems? If yes, then an order management tool is necessary for your business. Do you know how people owning multiple stores manage so many orders efficiently? It’s because they have such software that makes order management an easy job. And with the growth of your eCommerce store, the need for order management software increases. But what exactly is an order management tool, and how does it work? Here’s everything that you need to know about this software.

What Is An OMS?

An order management system software is a tool that allows order-to-cash processes between D2C and B2B. It makes the OMP (Order Management Process) less complicated and error-free. Using an OMS, you can track your inventories, sales, orders, and the FOR (Fulfillment Order Rate). In short, it gives you access and control to every single step of the order management. The best part about using an OMS is the automation facility. This software automates the whole order management of your store. 

Once the inventory arrives for the orders, this software automatically updates and forwards them to the shipping step. This automation facility allows the user to manage multiple orders coming from different sales channels easily. But does it only offer automation features? Well, before moving on to the further benefits of this software. First, we have to understand the order management process.

Order Management Process- Explained

This system is divided into four steps: The Customer, Fulfillment, Accounting, and Shipping. Following are the explanation of each of these steps:

#1 The Customer

The OMP starts with a customer placing an order. It can be online, in-store, or over their smartphone. The customer’s details are then forwarded to the seller.

#2 Fulfillment

The next step is to forward the information to the packaging center or warehouse for packing and make the order ready to deliver.

#3 Accounting

In this step, the store records the sales and manages them. This task becomes easier using a good eCommerce order management system like Jazva.

#4 Shipping

The last and final step is the shipping of the order. This step involves dispatching the order to the customer and ensuring the order reaches its destination on time. 

Alluring Benefits Of Using Order Management System

Automation Efficiency

You might be an expert in making spreadsheets but can’t work more efficiently than an OMS. This software not only automates the whole order management system but makes it error-free and efficient. Effective order management processes help in saving money that you might otherwise be investing in labor. 

24/7 Access

There are some people who are always worried about their order management. Suppose if you are not using this software. And in the middle of the night, all of a sudden, you realize that you forgot to process a purchase. Then obviously you’ll open your laptop or computer to rectify your mistake.

But with this software, you don’t have to worry about any missing orders, because there won’t be any. Order management software keeps an eye on every order and automatically performs the required. And if you have doubt, you can simply open your smartphone to access this software any time you want. In other words, you can have 24/7 Access to your software, giving you peace of mind.

Final Words

So this was a short guide on order management software and the benefits of using it. We hope you enjoy reading this blog. Don’t hesitate to tell us the best part of this blog that you liked the most in the comment section below.