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Interview for Daytime Talk Show with Kamala Harris and Jennifer Hudson Scheduled


Vice President Kamala Harris has a sit-down interview with Jennifer Hudson on her daytime talk show on Thursday.

The performance will be the first time that an elected national leader will be a guest The Jennifer Hudson Show, which debuted in September. While the topics of their conversation have not been shared, the interview comes at a time of heavy public discussion about recent shootings, LGBTQ rights, climate change, and a possible nationwide TikTok ban.

The interview with the vice president also comes just over a month after he spoke to Stephen Colbert on his late-night talk show. During her visit, Harris discussed laws being passed on reproductive rights, as well as comments from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

With regard to bills passed since the overthrow of Roe against Wade last year she told Colbert, “I think it’s the height of irresponsibility. In fact, in many cases it is inhumane what has happened in states in our country that pass laws that criminalize health care providers, that literally provide for jail time for doctors and nurses who provide reproductive health care, that would penalize women for simply seeking the kind of care that they choose, that they need.”

As for her comments about DeSantis making the war a “territorial dispute”, she continued The Late Show with Stephen Colbert“If you have had the experience of meeting and re-understanding the meaning of international rules and norms and the importance of the United States of America, being steadfast and clear about the importance of sovereignty and territorial integrity, the meaning of standing firm being against any nation that will try to take another nation by force, if you really understand the issues you probably wouldn’t make such statements.

Though asked by Colbert, Harris did not share an official announcement during her visit that she and President Joe Biden would run for re-election in 2024, instead reiterating what Biden has said previously, that he “intends to run” and when he does, Harris will “run alongside him”.

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