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‘International community should take responsibility for Afghan people’, says former minister

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A report released by Amnesty International, marking a year after the withdrawal of US and NATO forces, concludes that the Taliban has decimated the rights of girls and women in Afghanistan. To understand exactly what is happening in the country today, FRANCE 24 spoke to Dr. Habiba Sarabi, a former Afghan Minister of Women’s Affairs and former Governor of Bamiyan Province. She urged the international community to “take responsibility for the Afghan people and Afghan women in particular”.

Since coming to power, the Taliban have reversed women’s rights, especially in education and employment. Those who protest risk arrest and torture.

“The international community, primarily the US and NATO, made a mistake in Afghanistan. Without any plan, they withdrew and put everything in the hands of the Taliban. Now they have to fix it,” said Dr. Sarabi to FRANCE 24.

“The international community must take responsibility for the Afghan people and Afghan women in particular,” she added.

>> Amnesty International Report: Death in Slow Motion: Women and Girls Under Taliban Rule

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