Intel Core i9-13900KS specifications and price appear in early listings alongside locked Raptor Lake SKUs

Intel Announced The 13Th Gen
Intel unveiled the 13th generation of “Raptor Lake”, CPUs, on September 27, (Source: Intel)

If Intel continues to follow the same pattern as previous CPU launches, Raptor Lake SKUs could be launched early next year. PC-Canada has published product listings of locked Core Cores i3, Cores i5, Cores i7 and Core Cores i9 Raptor Lake. Interestingly, there is also a Core i9-13900KS listing which is said to boost up the speed to 6 GHz.

Intel will likely release new 13Th gen “Raptor Lake” SKUs in the upcoming months. First time spotted by Follow @momomo_us TwitterEarly product listings starting in PC-Canada It appears that Intel is preparing to launch Raptor Lake-based chips at a lower price as well as a Core i9-13900KS processor. Although the listings don’t provide detailed hardware information, we can see pricing, core counts, cache sizes, and boost clocks of the CPUs.

The Core i9-13900KS can boost the CPU to 6 GHz. Intel previously confirmed that Raptor Lake SKUs could boost the CPU to up to 6GHz. However, they did not specify a name for it. It is possible that the Intel Core i9-13900KS will be the mystery processor. A report claims that the CPU will have 24 cores and 36MB of cache, similar to the Core Core i9-13900K.

The Core i9-13900KS price is CA$971.99 (US$723.72), which is approximately 22% higher than the Core i9-13900K. The Core i9-12900KS’s MSRP was US$739. This is 25% more than the Core i9-12900K’s launch price (US$589).

PC-Canada lists, in addition to the Core I9-13900KS CPUs, the unannounced Core i3, Core Core i5, Core Core i7 and Core Core i9 CPUs. VideoCardz explains that the Core i9-13900KS is not available. NotesThese chips’ prices are intentionally false, as they are often more expensive than their K-series counterparts.

According to the retailer, the Core i3-13100F and Core i3-13100F will feature 4 cores, 12 MB cache and a boost clock speed of 4.5 GHz. Core i5-13400F/F and Core i5-13400F/F will not have the same number of cores as their predecessor, Core i5-12400/F. Both CPUs could be equipped with a 4.6 GHz boost clock, 20 MB cache, and both versions of the Core i3-13100/F.

PC-Canada has an online listing for the Core i5-13500, a 14-core Core processor with 24 MB of cache. It also boasts a boost frequency (4.8 GHz) and a product listing. The Core i7-13700F, and Core i7-13700F Raptor Lake Core i7-13700F are the upcoming Raptor Lake Core i7 SKUs. Both can boost up to 5.2 GHz. They both have 16 cores and 30 MB cache. Core i9-13900/F processors with 24 cores, boost speeds of 5.6 GHz and a 36 MB cache are also available.

Like with product listings in the beginning, you should take all information with a grain. These price tags can be used as placeholders and are not always accurate.

Amazon has the Intel Core i5-13600K for sale

(Source: Pc-Canada)
(Source: PC-Canada)

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