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Instagram star Luke walks around Canva’s head office in Sydney


The teacher lost her words after visiting Canva’s stunning office in Australia — complete with puppies, lush decor, personal chefs, and coffee station with barista

  • Mr. Luke takes a tour of the Canva headquarters
  • View the rooftop barista teacher

The teacher, who loves to show off his creations in the classroom, took a day off to help the kids learn and toured the fun-filled Canva headquarters.

Luke Springer, better known as Mr. Luke, filmed his day in the big city after the creative agency flew him and some fellow influencers to Sydney for a screening.

The Office, which set back the company $120 million in 2022, didn’t disappoint when it explored the ins and outs of its indoor workspace.

“I don’t even know where to start, there were plants everywhere, so we love that,” he said, adding how much he loved the coffee maker.

“The coffee station was actually out of control,” he said.

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Luke Springer, a teacher from Adelaide, has risen to fame on Instagram sharing clips of his life as a teacher

Adelaide residents also liked that there was “a collection of art everywhere” including on top of the lifts and power points.

Climb the elevators to the rooftop, which offers stunning views of the city.

They were greeted by a team of chefs who were busy preparing a delicious lunch for the staff and their guests.

Lots of dogs have also surfaced.

The teacher explained that Canva employees are allowed to bring their pets into the office.

He loved the fact that there were plants everywhere

He loved the fact that there were plants everywhere

He also enjoyed the coffee station - which also looked like a bar

He also enjoyed the coffee station – which also looked like a bar

“I made myself feel right at home,” he said, cleaning the milk jug at the coffee station before nibbling on a giant chocolate chip cookie.

“Safe to say, if I wasn’t a teacher, I think I would have wanted to work somewhere like this! There are so many amazing people, such a great atmosphere (and great food!),” he said.

Luke has over 636k followers on Instagram where he shares snippets of his life as a teacher and plant lover.

In some of the videos, he shares his creations, using tools like Canva, to create the perfect learning environment for “little humans.”

Canva has moved into the office, near Central Station, from their original headquarters in Surry Hills.

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