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Instagram is testing new options for recommendations, transparency tools


Instagram is experimenting with a new feature that gives users more control over the content they see on their feeds. And the platform has introduced one transparency tool for creators.

The new “Interested” button on featured posts lets users tell Instagram that they’d like to see more of that particular type of content. This new feature adds to Instagram’s existing personalization features, such as the “Not Interested” option, which allows them to indicate that they want to see fewer similar posts, with such posts not appearing in their feed.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri detailed how content is ranked on Instagram. The messages and Roll are ranked based on user activity, and Stories ranking based on the frequency of user engagement with the user.

Instagram is also testing a new transparency notice to notify creators when their Reels’ reach may be limited due to a watermark. The feature is intended to help creators understand why some of their roles may not be distributed to non-followers. Instagram hasn’t specified which watermarks it refers to, but it’s likely the TikTok content uploaded to the app as Reels.

In a recent blog post, Instagram’s CEO addressed the issue of shadow banning – a term used when a platform hides a user’s content without explanation.

He said it’s in the company’s best interest to ensure creators can reach their audiences and thrive on the platform. Instagram doesn’t suppress content to encourage users to buy ads; instead, they prioritize making the platform more attractive by promoting the most interesting content.

Mosseri acknowledged that users’ concerns about shadow banning show that Instagram needs to do more to help users understand what is happening with their accounts. To this end, the company expanded its Account Status hub last December to make it easier for businesses and creators to understand if their content is eligible for recommendation.

Instagram plans to add more transparency tools to Account Status, Mosseri said.


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