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Insider’s Tip On Choosing the Right Bridesmaids Dresses


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Choosing the perfect bridesmaids dresses in Perth could be a daunting task for a bride. It is of primary importance that your bridesmaids are able to dance comfortably while still looking sexy, yet having the most comfortable and cost-effective one. Also, keep in mind that you choose a design that they can wear on multiple occasions post-wedding. With the plethora of design types that are available in a variety of colours, fabrics and silhouettes, choosing one is a tough choice to make – even if it is the perfect purple bridesmaid dress in the window of your favourite bridal boutique. 

Here are some of our top tips for shopping for bridesmaid dresses: 

  • Shop about 4 to 6 before the big day – It is important to shop at least four to six months before the wedding day as you may need enough time for ordering clothing and getting it altered as well. 
  • Consider the entire bridal party – Know that no two bodies are the same, and everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to their silhouettes. So be sure to ask each of your bridesmaids if they have a request when it comes to dressing sizes and fitting. Make sure to get their consent before ordering your bridesmaids’ clothing for them. 
  • Be Upfront & Considerate About the Costs – Being a bridesmaid is an expensive affair. Make yourself comfortable to initiate a conversation about the expensive nature of the outfits and how much they can afford rather than have to pay for it yourself. 

Trends that You May Like

  • Matching Bridesmaid Attire – One of the most common trends when it comes to buying bridesmaids dresses in Perth is going with matching outfits for your bridesmaid. This traditional custom dates back to ancient Rome. This could create a cohesive look for the wedding party. 
  • Same Color, Different Styles – Not every bridesmaid has the same body type. Different styles of clothing could be flattering on different people. It is a great idea to let your bridesmaids select the desired silhouette. It gives your girls the freedom to select their style and feel the best on your wedding day. It increases the chances of them wearing this dress many times again after your wedding day. The wedding photos will also look fun and chic at the same time as well.
  • Mix & Match Bridesmaid Dresses – A perfect way to mix and match bridesmaids dresses in Perth is to think of mix and match the colours and sticking to a simple and minimalistic solid colour base that keeps the look cohesive, even if the colours are different. Or, another way of mix and matching is getting your bridesmaids to wear the same kind of footwear. You can easily vary out the length of their dresses but create a cohesive look with the footwear. Another way to create a mix and match look is by choosing clothing for your bridal party from one same designer; this creates some uniformity even when the bridesmaids are wearing different silhouettes. 
  • Pay attention to Hair & Makeup – Although each one in your bridal party has a different taste, especially in hairstyles and unique hair textures, by getting them to wear your hair in a similar format, you could create a polished ensemble of the look. You could all opt to do an updo or curled or even braided to give some similarity . 
  • Accessorize – It is a great idea to give your bridal party an accessory that they could wear to the ceremony. This is another way to tie together the bridal party. 

You could opt to go with one or all of these trends and bring your unique touch to the wedding bridal party. Enjoy these tips and use them to make your wedding party look gorgeous and stay happy!

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