How the Indigenous vote will cost parliament $75 million even before a referendum vote?



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The Labor government will spend $75 million to prepare for a referendum on an indigenous vote in parliament.

Budget documents show that the Australian Election Commission will receive $52.6 million over two years to prepare for the nationwide vote, while the National Indigenous Australians Agency will receive $6.5 million in funding.

To counter the low turnout in remote communities, more than $16 million has been set aside to help Indigenous people enroll and participate.

Anchoring the vote is integral to fulfilling Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s pledge to implement the Uluru Statement from the Heart after he won the May federal election.

The Australian Election Commission will receive $52.6 million over two years to prepare for the vote on the vote to parliament. Prime Minister Anthony Albanian pictured in Arnhemland

The Uluru statement also called for an independent Makarrata Commission to oversee the making of agreements and the telling of the truth between governments and indigenous peoples, and the budget includes $5.8 million to further this work.

The economic blueprint provides $1.2 billion to address health, education and economic inequality within indigenous communities.


Will you vote for an indigenous voice in parliament?

  • Yes 118 votes
  • no 1210 votes
  • I do not know yet 77 votes

The government will spend $14.1 million to fund Indigenous language and cultural education in dozens of elementary schools.

Students learn the local Indigenous language from teachers of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.

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Indigenous communities will also have greater access to cheaper, cleaner and more reliable energy sources.

Nearly $84 million will be spent over four years of micro-grid technologies in remote communities.

The budget will fund more Indigenous rangers by 2028 and create 10 Indigenous Protected Areas, incorporating the voices of the First Nations into preserving Australia’s environment.

Areas with high indigenous populations will receive more funding for birth centers, training programs, dialysis units and aid to support people with chronic diseases.

To address cost of living pressures, the 2022/23 labor budget includes $25 million for housing and essential services in the Northern Territory.

Pitjantjatjara and Nyungar playwright and actor Trevor Jamieson as the ‘storyteller’ in an advertisement for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament campaign

A First Nations Justice package will address the disproportionately high rates of incarceration and deaths among indigenous peoples, which have been a clear problem for decades.

At $99 million for the initiative, Labor claims it is the largest ‘reinvestment’ in justice ever made by the Commonwealth.

Most of the money will be spent on setting up community-led initiatives.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander legal services will receive $13.5 million to facilitate access to culturally appropriate services.

Indigenous survivors of family and domestic violence will receive greater support if the Commonwealth invests $3 million in a national prevention program.

What Anthony Albanese Said About How The Voice Would Work

On why the voice should be in the constitution:

“What enshrining it in the Constitution does, it ensures that The Voice cannot be eliminated or silenced by a change of government or a change of prime minister.

“If it works, people will wonder why we didn’t do it sooner. I see this similar to the apology for the stolen generations or the 1967 referendum or the native title.’

When Australians know the details:

‘We need a referendum, for that there must be legislation, there will also be a debate in parliament. As part of that debate, there will inevitably be a discussion of the extensive work of Marcia Langton and Tom Calma, an extensive debate on what a vote to parliament might look like in terms of regional structures.

‘A certain model’ [has] have been put forward by them envisioning a national model, but also with equal representation of male and female representatives. Special quarantine of representation to ensure remote communities are represented and also a regional structure… which will be put forward during the legislative debate. If there is more clarity, it will determine what a suitable date for a referendum should be.’

On how The Voice would relate to parliament:

“It’s not looking for something that’s above parliament. It is something subordinate to parliament.

“It’s just going to be an advisory group. Parliament remains sovereign.

“People should be consulted on matters that concern them, that’s just good manners.”