India’s conjoined twins spark outrage after they reveal that they are paid only one salary

Conjoined twins Sohna & Mohna Singh, both from Punjab, India were left by their parents, and were raised in a shelter. 

Speaking in a YouTube interview with documentary filmmaker Ruhi Çenet, the twins, aged 19, claimed that they earn just £200 a month.

Last year, it was reported the siblings were paid two different salaries. 

They have been employed by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited since December 2013 as electricians, and work 12-hour shifts in the supply control room.

Sohna and Mohna Singh, both from Punjab, India, were abandoned by their parents and raised in a shelter.

The twins spoke to the Independent last summer and said that they were grateful to the Punjab government for acknowledging their talent.

However, viewers were furious to learn that the siblings share a salary. 

One person commented that if they have separate identities, they should get 2 different checks.

Another wrote: “One salary wage for two persons?” That’s making me angry.’

The twins’ personalities were also well-received by viewers.

Speaking In A Youtube Interview With Documentary Filmmaker Ruhi Çenet, The Twins, Aged 19, Claimed That They Earn Just £200 A Month

Speaking in a YouTube interview with documentary filmmaker Ruhi Çenet, the twins, aged 19, claimed that they earn just £200 a month

The Siblings Have Two Hearts, Kidneys And Spinal Cords, As Well As Two Pairs Of Arms, But Share A Liver, Gallbladder, Legs And Spleen

The siblings share two hearts, kidneys, spinal cords and two pairs of arms. However, they also have two livers, gallbladders, legs, and spleens.

One post read: “May God bless Sohna, Mohna. These conjoined twins support one another through thick or thin. 

“No matter what happens, they have each other’s backs. May they continue to inspire others around the world. They are humble and very down-to-earth.

Another viewer wrote, “These guys, no matter how many hardships they have to face, are still able and willing to help others.” Send love.

A third person said: “These two brothers are so cool. I wish them the best and I wish them everything in life.

The Twins Were Born In June 20023 In At Sucheta Kriplani Hospital In New Delhi But Doctors Decided That Separating The Twins Could Have Potentially Fatal Consequences For One Of Them

The twins were delivered at Sucheta Kriplani Hospital in New Delhi in June 20023. Doctors decided that it could be fatal for one of the twins to separate. 

They Have Been Employed As Electricians The Punjab State Power Corporation Limited Since Last December, Working 12-Hour Shifts Looking After The Supply Control Room

Since December 2013, they have been working 12-hour shifts to look after the supply room.

Another commentator said: “They did electrical engineering and are able to work in this job to make a living, even though they are in such a bad condition.” We see people complaining about their situation and blaming others. Your example and leadership are an inspiration to all of us.

In an interview, the twins stated that they would like to marry the same person once they turn 25. 

They also admitted that they had shared love interests in past. 

The siblings share a liver and gallbladder as well as two hearts, kidneys and spinal chords.

Sohna And Mohna Followed Their Passion And Obtained A Diploma In Electrical Studies

Mohna and Sohna followed their passions and earned a diploma in electrical studies

The Twins Said In The Interview They Want To Get Married To The Same Person After They Had Passed The Age Of 25

In an interview, the twins said that they want to marry the same person after they turn 25.

They were born at Sucheta Kriplani Hospital, New Delhi, in June 2003.

Doctors determined that separating the twins could have fatal consequences for one of them. This could lead to vascular and neurological loss and vascular loss in lower limbs of either of the surviving twins.

Mohna and Sohna were abandoned at two months by their parents.

The Medics then contacted Pingalwara Charitable Society to find a home for the destitute kids. 

Teachers at the home noticed that the twins loved to work with electrical appliances.

Mohna and Sohna followed the passion they had and received a diploma for electrical studies.

On gaining employment last year, Sohna said: ‘We will work hard with utmost sincerity and dedication.’ 

Mohna stated that she was deeply grateful to the Pingalwara institution for raising her and her education, as well as helping her become self-sufficient.

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