Indian users now have more options for depositing money in online betting

The year 2020 has been crazy. The lockdown made most of the companies opt for the Work From Home option, and with more time in hand, the people did get into more recreational activities and hobbies.

As they sit at home, most of their past time was online games. A lot of people began to wear that exploring hat and did find online betting not only addictive but also entertaining. 

Understanding the market and since the world had totally gone digital, the new Startups had come up with different ideas to give more content to users and had managed to create profit out of the same. Since online betting is not only for killing time but also one can earn money, the users were more addicted to the same compared to usual games. 

All this while, the Indians had multiple queries when it comes to IPL Betting, starting from the legality of the same in the country to how to make a simple payment. The struggle was real and it did impact the market in the country. So, betting sites have worked hard to convince Indians that they are both trustworthy, legal, and secure to use.

At the same time, sites like SPINSVILLA have utilized the situation very well and had come up with a to provide the complete online betting guide. They not only talk about the unclear Indian laws but also provide step by step guide to play the sport. Most importantly, the site is free of cost, you don’t need any subscription to read their content. This is a win-win situation for everybody. 

An increase in the number of users also had allowed these companies to learn about the glitches in their product and to come up with new ideas. 

One major idea apart from multiple languages is the payment process. Indians were initially reluctant to make an online payment to betting sites, and it did take a lot of time for these sites to prove that they are trustworthy. 

Also, initially, the banks denied transactions to betting sites via MasterCard or VISA, this is still a difficult process.

However, the growing popularity of e-wallets has helped the users to have hassle-free payments to these sites. In those days, only international e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller were in operation for payment to betting sites but today, one can make payment to online parimatch betting sites through UPI, PhonePe, Google Pay and Paytm among others apart from this, the sites do support traditional bank transaction, net-banking as well. 

Still, for a newbie, these processes are too difficult to handle. Thus, sites like Spinsvilla comes in handy here. The site completely provides step by step process for each mode of payment for different sites. They also have the list of payment methods accepted by different sites which come in handy as well. 


The newly improved payment method is one of the welcome changes when it comes to online betting. A lot of applications make it easier for the user and is faster too. Of course, this is one way of keeping your user engaged. 

To know more about payments, it is wise to check on sites like Spinsvilla which provides a complete guide for online betting, something that turns a beginner into a pro. 

Also, before getting involved, make sure to know well about the site and how it works. Since there are a lot of fraudulent sites around, it is always good to read reviews about the site. 

Adding more, in India, only Central Government laws do not rule online betting as illegal. In some places, states have their own laws and they have ruled out online betting as illegal. So, before getting involved, it’s wise to know more about all these.