India vs England: Virat Kohli India team knows how to learn from mistakes, says Ravi Shastri

India vs England: Virat Kohli

Team India head coach Ravi Shastri expressed disappointment on Wednesday after his team gave England a 3-1 lead in the current five-game series, losing the Southampton test for 60 races. Speaking at a press conference before the fifth and final Test, starting in London on Friday, Shastri presented a series of things that were not for India. "I think you have to be mentally tough," Shastri said. "We have run teams from abroad and we have competed, but now it is not about competing, we have to win games from here, now the effort is to understand where you made the mistakes and try to correct them.

"The score is 3-1, which means that India lost the series, the score does not say that India could have been 3-1 or could have been 2-2, and my team knows that. Last game, but this is a team that will not throw in the towel, it will come out and try to compete and not be on the first flight home, and that is exactly what we will do. "

Speaking about the Rose Bowl test in particular, Shastri credited Moeen Ali for his exceptional spell that annihilated India but also mentioned that the Virat Kohli Indian team strives to be an excellent roving unit and be competitive in different conditions around the world. world.

"As far as crossing the line, you must credit Moeen Ali there on the last day (in Southampton) To be honest, he fired magnificently, no matter how hard our guys tried, England was up there. The effort of this team is to travel well, compete and win.If we look at the last three years, we have won nine matches abroad and three series.

"I can not see any other Indian team in the last 15 or 20 years that has had the same race in such a short time, and you have had great players playing in those series, so the promise is there, it's just about being more hard mentally, you have to hurt yourself when you lose the games because it's when you look inside and go out with the right kind of answers, to fight such situations and pass the finish line, one day you will do it if you believe. "

Shastri even mentioned that the bats selection of his hitters was a big disappointment, and he said that learning from that mistake will help India to prosper.

"I think the selection of shots left a lot to be desired, we flew a very good position immediately after Tea on the second day (in Southampton.) This is an area where you can strive, be aware of what the team needs, be aware of the situation of the party, that will be a great help, I think that was crucial more than anything else.

"He is aware of being in a good position and then capitalizing, and not doing something silly to open the door to the opposition, I thought that in 180/4, there was a definite possibility of a 75-80 advantage, and that would have been crucial . That hurts ".