India vs England: the best of Virat Kohli is coming, it feels Greg Chappell

India vs England: Best From Virat Kohli Is Yet To Come, Feels Greg Chappell

The Indian cricket team conceded an impregnable 3-1 lead to England in the current five-game series after losing the fourth test at Southampton for 60 races on Sunday. Chasing a difficult goal of 245 in the fourth possibility, the visitors were grouped in 184 races, losing the game by 60 races. Although, captain Virat Kohli played a crucial 58-race drive on the fourth day, but could not get his team to cross the finish line. After the heartbreaking series of defeats, the former Indian team coach, Greg Chappell, praised the hard blow of Kohli, but also claimed that the 29-year-old can improve his performance as he goes. Honoring his desire and passion for the game, Chappell said that the best of Kohli is still to come.

"Kohli, in addition to having a great physical talent, has the mental capacity and the emotional capacity to deal with what it takes to succeed in that really harsh environment, I do not know if there are many more willing to succeed than Virat. Real desire, something is driving it beyond what most people are capable of, I think we have not seen the best of it yet, "said Chappell, citing

Kohli had a tour below the average of England in 2014, where he scored just 134 runs in five races. But this time, the Indian captain changed things drastically and is the top scorer of the series so far. By shedding light on Kohli's performance in the series, Chappell revealed that it has only been possible with the belief that the captain has his abilities.

"What he's done in England on this tour has been quite exceptional, a lot of people doubted that he could do it in those conditions, I'm assuming he did not doubt it, or if he doubted it, he was determined to have his hit in this tour has been very outstanding. The innings between him and (Ajinkya) Rahane in the first innings of the Trent Bridge test when they were three down for not many was quite a spectacle, probably exceeding what anyone would have expected, "added Chappell.

Kohli has already scored 544 races in four Test matches, with two centuries and three and a half centuries with an average of 68. As the long and grueling tour comes to an end with the final Test scheduled to begin on September 7 in London, Kohli looks to finish the series on a winning note.