India vs England: Ravindra Jadeja determined to represent India in all three formats

India vs England: Ravindra Jadeja Determined To Represent India In All Three Formats

After a below-normal performance in the first two sessions of the fifth and final Test against England at The Oval, India rebounded strongly in the final session, reducing the hosts to 198 for seven. Pacers provided crucial breakthroughs in the last session of the day to give India control of the game. Spinner Ravindra Jadeja, who is playing his first game of the test series, also played an equally important role, claiming two lands. Jadeja, who in the past was an integral part of the Indian organization ODI, lost his limited place after some brilliant performances by the trumpeted duo Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal. After his practice performance, the Indian off-road opened its doors to the margin, saying that playing only the test Cricket is not good enough to be in the best shape for international cricket. Jadeja said he is determined to represent India in all three formats.

"For me, the most important thing is that I'm playing for India and maybe one day if I do it right, I'll play the three formats of the game soon enough, but my goal is to turn any opportunity I have into performance." He said after stumps the first day.

"When you play in a single format it is very difficult because there is too much distance between the matches and the experience (rhythm) you need to play at the international level is lower, so you must continue to be motivated, every time I have the opportunity, as in this game, whatever skill I have, I have to give my best on the field. "

He explained that he played the role of a solo player, while also admitting his goal of fulfilling the Indian off-road position.

"Every time I have the opportunity to play for India, I will do my best in both aspects: batting and bowling, I want to become a trusted member of the team and I can complete the general slot well because I have done it before in the past. It's nothing new to me, it's a matter of time.

"When you are going through a bad patch, you need to play more and more to recover your previous form and play, so it is possible that the more I play international cricket, the better I will work and I will be able to make a comeback in all three formats," said the player. 29 years.

India did well to reduce England to 198 for seven at the close of the game considering that the hosts were 133 for one in the 64th final. Jadeja said the bowling attack worked in conjunction with a plan to cut the boundaries and frustrate the English hitters. Jadeja took a pair, while Ishant Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah shared the other five fields, as Indian bowling proved to be mean all day long.

"Everyone played well, especially when the association between Moeen Ali and Alastair Cook was at stake, our plan was to stop the limits, our plan was that if they did not get limits, they would panic and play the wrong shots and leave. what happened.

"From there we have six fields by 50. As a bowling department, that's our idea, not granting races, if there's an association, we're going to play in good areas, in England, if a piece of land falls, you get two or three in a group, and that's what happened, "he said.

Mohammed Shami had bad luck as he beat the hitters on numerous occasions but could not induce an advantage. "Shami shot well, he was unlucky to have beaten the bat many times, he's playing at a good pace, he's also generating good rhythm, Shami, Bumrah and Ishant, they all did well," said Jadeja.

England made its best start of the series in a field that turned out to be friendlier to hitters than previous ones, with the first fields in 133 runs. Thereafter the hosts collapsed in the final session, conceding six wickets for 65 races. "This is a good spot for hitting, there's not much in it, as the game progresses, the pitch will be slower, it seems a bit dry, but our three fast punters pitched very well.

"It's hard when you do not get any help from the window on the first day, the ball you're really trying to play … is not coming out that way." I was thinking that Shami, Ishant and Bumrah were playing well on the other side. They hit the bat without stopping.

"I was thinking that there should be no limits, because if that pressure is released at one end, it's easy for the hitters, we did not get a wicket in the second session, but we did not give a lot of races either. bowling, "said Jadeja.

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